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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

humiliation, cum denial, feminization

So the date did not work out, he did not have time. It was a bummer for her, I think she was more disappointed than she let on. I dont blame her. She did end up chatting with him on fbook which I had previously frowned on. But that day she asked if it was OK and like a good cuck I said of course. She showed me there conversation and it was a real turn on. I have no doubt they will get together when he returns in a couple months. The fun part that came out of it is it seems to have given her a renewed desire to find the right fit for her in terms of a Dom type to fill that role. We have a couple possibilities on SV that we are pursuing, though somewhat slowly due to the holidays. The other thing that occurred is that she took control of the profile and responding on SV which I welcomed.

In our personal sex life she has really taken to humiliating me, calling me sissy, telling me my cock is so small she cant feel it in her, telling me I cum to fast to satisfy her, she needs a real man, etc... I have to say I LOVE IT!! Wow what a mind fuck, sends me to a place that is almost unreal. She also has really taken to fucking me with a vibrator, also a huge fan of that. We were out of town right before xmas, just the two of us, It was great to get away with her, we had both been really looking forward to it. At the hotel before we went out for the night she teased me then put the vibe in me and had me sit on it so it went very deep. She then played with my cock til I almost came. Then out with the vibe on on went the panties for the night. We got back and she fucked me hard with the vibe. I thought I might cum from the fucking. She then climbed on me with me on my back the vibe jammed deep in me and rode me, I came almost immediately which of course she humiliated me for. She ended up with a couple of nice orgasms out of it as well. She even had me stop rubbing her once to prolong her near an orgasm, that was new as well. She seems to cum quickly in these scenarios, we both do. She loves to pretend someone is fucking me and have me tell her how much I love his cock. Wow, yes!! I am hoping we get to the feeldoe at some point soon but she loves using the vibe for now so I am not complaining!! We both agree this femdom, sissy cuck sex avenue really satisfies both of us deeply. So far so freaking awesome! I love my Goddess!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

wife date, denial issues

It has been an interesting few days. A few days ago my wife sent me to edge for a while until she was ready for me to serve her pussy for the night. I ended up thinking about her with one of her lovers and had to stop, I was so close to cumming. I knew she still wanted to be with him but had never had the chance to so it a second time and really get to enjoy him. I got the idea while edging to set her up on a date with him, surprise her with it, even have the hotel room waiting and hand her the key. I ended up confessing the thought during play when she asked what I thought of while edging, again I almost came immediately. I got her off and she decided to not let me cum. I tried and tied to sleep but couldn't. I remember she had told me once that if I took her rough like a man she would let me have her anytime. So I climbed on her naked body from the back and forced my little cock into her. She loved it, I came in about 30 seconds. We snuggled and I finally fell asleep. Strange I know but we are not t typical cuckolding couple. Maybe we are just that new to it. She did mention tying my cock up next time so I have to wait. I don't think she has seen a male chastity device yet so it has not come to her mind. I have thought of mentioning it but haven't as I am still mixed on the idea. I am sure at some point I will end up suggesting it but not yet. She has said she also has issues denying me and loves getting me off so it may be good for both of us if we are going to practice cum denial. 

So the date is supposed to be tomorrow night. She is very excited, loved the idea and wants him badly. but turns out it will be his last night in town and he isnt sure he will have time. Timing will either be great or terrible, we will find out tomorrow. I am excited for her and hope it works out. I told her my one wish was that she could come home filled with his cum, but that cant happen for now. She has said she will be OK if it doesn't but I fully expect and will understand her being disappointing if it doesn't. I will pamper her extra good tomorrow night if he doesn't!

We also talked to day about extending this type of relationship beyond this month as we had planned. She wants to keep going indefinitely and I agreed. So far we both really seem to enjoy this relationship dynamic. I really do love my goddess wife!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A new direction, female led marriage?

I had a talk with the wife the other day. She decided we needed more adventure to our sex life, what she called "challenging fun". We came up with some ideas on trying some different femdom scenarios. I liked the ideas a lot. We then got to the idea of her taking complete control of our sex life, including when I could or could not get off. We decided we would try this for a month. We also said she has free reign to have sex without my permission, attendance, or foreknowledge during that time. She would simply tell me after-wards if she decided to do it. We did agree most sex should take place with me there to watch. I am excited as well as anxious (in the traditional sense of the word) about this. Fear mixed with such deep excitement. Most all the early fantasies I can remember as well as current ones involve me being dominated or serving. Yet I am fearful of losing her. Will she love me the same when I am her servant? I wonder what we will think of all this after the month is over? Will it continue? It will be very interesting to see. She also mentioned she is wanting her domination fantasy fulfilled. She wants to be dominated by a man with a large cock. She may even be willing to do it with someone she isn't that attracted to, she thinks it may even be more fun if she is not very attracted to him. I find that very sexy as well! She has also begun to make fun of the size of my cock when I serve her. That is really turning me on as well. I do really love serving her, she is so very sexy!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

daydreams, sweaty pussy and other fun things....

My wife told me the other day she had a fantasy about me making out and playing with a tranny/shemale....sounds like fun to me!!

I read on someones blog (cant remember who, sorry) about being told by his wife to service a rather larger female friend. He was told to provide oral service for her, nothing more. That sounded so hot. I would love to serve a large woman, especially if she were sweaty, smelly from a long day at work or the gym!

We also decided we need names for our domme play. Hers will be Mistress Sex. She likes it. We havent decided on mine. The current choice is little penis boy. I kind of like it. I am feeling more submissive these days. We had some nice vanilla sex over the weekend. At one point I was in her ass slapping her face saying "tell daddy you like it". She loved it. We tend to pick whatever we are in the moment for, though I imagine domme play will become the most common choice eventually. I dont think we will ever be close to 24/7 or even near it. I think our sex life will always have variety.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

new fantasy

I had not thought much about this since I didnt think she was interested. But she mentioned the other night during sex that she wanted to be "pimped out" by me. So I suggested a large black man. She liked the idea. We spoke of it later and she is interested in trying one or more BBC. Now the idea is really turning me on. We also discussed her bi fantasies. I really hope I get to watch her with another woman. That has always been a fantasy.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

new dildo

Has anyone used one of these before? Just ordered it and cant wait to try it!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Am I ready for this...cuckolding

The other day we had a serious talk about our sex life. Nothing in particular brought it on it had just been a while since we checked in. Nothing really surprised either of us until she told me she was afraid to fuck her favorite guy again. I had wondered why she hadn't set it up, we tried a couple times but it never went off. I got the feeling she really didn't want to, I asked her more than once about it. Then in this conversation she tells me why. She is afraid she will REALLY like it. She liked it the first time but it was disjointed and cut short. If they get together in a hotel room with hours to fuck she knows she will get the real thing from him and she is scared that will be too hard to turn down in the future. What if I say no more, get jealous, scared, whatever. Would she cheat to do it again? What if I let her would she start preferring him over me? Would she even want me anymore? The are the questions that haunt her...and now me. She told me this am she masturbated thinking of him, thinking of cheating on me with him. Of course that turned me on no end. I ate her out ass and pussy til she came..again. My heart, well to be honest my dick, says let her do it. Let her have her fun, she deserves it, she loves you it will be fine. Plus I will enjoy watching it no end...I think. My head isnt as sure. If she sees red flags we should walk away right...right? If I encourage her she will do it, I think. If I really want her to she will, I am fairly sure she will. But the consequences (if there are any) would be all on me. What to do.....

In other news, one other item that came out is she finds me sexy in panties. She cant really explain it but it turns her on. She bought me some while she was shopping today. Cant wait to try them on for her.