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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back in business

So the period and its associated pms has ended, whew. We actually had some fun on her period as I ate her out and shaved her one night. It was nice and stinky, I cleaned her good and she thoroughly enjoyed it. She rewarded me with a hand job, it was a good night. Earlier this week, right after she finished, we had a nice night of fun. She sat on my face for a while, it was the second time she has done it. She knows I want it. She is trying, it was hard for her to find a comfortable position and she was a little worried about actually smothering me. Actually at one point I was a little worried myself. I thoroughly enjoyed it though. it was a pleasure to be under her like that, I felt very subservient. I pushed my tongue as far up her ass as I could and she pushed herself down on it. MMM...loved that. We went into a conventional position for her to cum. She teased through my panties first then took them off. She brought me close a couple times as I got her off. She then surprised me and told me to get a toy from the bedroom. Not sure what she was up to i grabbed the vibrator. i was hoping she would put it in me but I wasnt sure. She did. it hurt at first as I am not used to things in my ass in some time. I want to work on that and am meaning to talk to her about it. I want to be used to my ass being filled. Anyway I loosened up and wow it felt good. She fucked me good with it and I ended up squirting out a nice orgasm. She was surprised at how hard I came and shot out. I loved it needless to say. Wow that was nice!! I love her, she rocks. She is my queen. Looking forward to a fun weekend!

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