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Friday, May 25, 2012

feeling like a sissy

The other night Goddess had a date with her BF. This date was going to be a little different and she was excited. I will leave the details to Her if She wishes but She came home very dissapointed. I had to immediately console Her. It was odd to console Her over a date but it felt right and i felt good doing it and was glad i was there for Her. The next day they texted, as usual, most the day and he made it up to Her and promised it would never happen again. It even created some fun new ideas for them to try in the future. She really wanted to see him again that night but he couldnt, in fact he will be unavailable until next week it seems. I felt very jealous about all this. Her feelings for him go beyond sex and sexual attraction, they are romantic. He is becoming the "Man" in her life, much like Jay in the All Mine blog. Our situation is different from Suzzanne and Tammi as well as from Jay's so it will never look like that - we have kids at home, are too closely tied to a small community, BF has his own situation, etc......but none the less the same feelings are beginning to show. Their sex (Goddess and BF) is not like Goddess sex with Her TC, the BF sex is more passionate - she enjoys it immensly even when his perfomance isnt what either would want just because it is him ....  she craves it in fact. So how do I feel about all this? I apologzed last night for "acting up", I had kind of pouted in a moment of intense jealous feeling. It was wrong and my apology was heartfelt. As she left today I suggested maybe he had time for lunch. I know She is anxious to see him again and have a good moment with him. i feel very much like a sissy in that moment but a sissy driven by a love for her Goddess not acting out of a desire for humiliation. i am proud of myself for that, i am a good sissy!

As for me, there is a lot to tell as well. I am feeling much the sissy these days. Today I am home from work on one of my sissy days. Goddess is giving me one day a week to be home from work and be a sissy all day. i do housework, take care of kids, run errands etc... We are hopeful to turn this into two days soon and someday 3 days a week. i do really enjoy it. It will be more fun the days kids arent ehre so i can more fully dress, for now it is panties under my clothes. Speaking of dressing i, for the first time have a desire to fully dress. I dont have a girl outfit, so far just some lingerie and panties. We did buy me a wig. But I want an outfit, hopefully something i look good in. i am thinking a shirt and skirt with some stockings - typical i know right? How do you shop for somehting like this? I shopped the other day for a new nighty, just guessing at my size. I got it right but paying for it i was so embarrassed. yes i am sure they thought it was for my Wife right? But She wasnt with me and the process was tough. The thought of trying to pick out a shirt and And how do I do it without trying it on? Goddess must come with me of course. i havent asked yet, i am going to this weekend. i am sure She will do it, i think, i hope.....sigh such is the life of a dominated, cuckolded, sissy....yeah! :)

So Goddess gave me permission to go on and advertise for a guy. I met two prospects, i will save details for later but both are interesting. Both dominant and both want to see me fully dressed if we play. One is more willing to compromise than the other but the want is there. Yes that drives some of the want to have an outfit but honestly it is coming from deeper places i think. Goddess is very kind to give me this wonderful opportunity for an outlet, i think she is excited about it as well. Like most "connections" on the internet the odds of it working with either guy are slim but it is fun to try and who knows? BTW clubsissy is a lot of fun for any of you sissys out there and it is free - mostly lol. Thanks to the anonomous person who suggested it!

Thats all for to be a sissy!

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  1. I can imagine how it's tougher (was going to say harder, but...) when your Wife starts to get an emotional attachment to her new lover. We haven't had that here, but I imagine it would get to me. Good that you comforted Her when She was down. I'm sure that will help, all the way around.
    I'd love a sissy day at home myself, but yeah, with children and all, it seems there is never time to dress and wear my wig.
    Congrats on the shopping trip!! It gets easier. Yeah, they probably thought it was for your wife (I still make sure I flash my wedding ring sometimes). You should ask Wife to go to the Goodwill store for some clothes...go when it's a quiet time. Try on a dress or two, and get some men's stuff (bring it all into dressing room) ;) The prices are right!

    1. it has been a journey, it gets easier and the humiliation of her other men makes me go deeper into submission and feminization. We are thinking of how to make a shopping trip work...hopefully soon!

  2. sissy wife- Thanks for your reply. Yes, hopefully you'll have a *fun* shopping trip soon... hee!

  3. Why not take the next step up and start wearing pantyhose and tights along with the panties, and yo can stat shoppin gofr yor own pantyhose/tights without mistress can't you