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Monday, January 14, 2013

returning to what works...with a twist

Sorry for the long delay between posts. Hope everyones holidays were good!

Things around here have been busy, business wise and life wise. I was a stay at home during the holidays for the first time ever and loved it. I am so blessed to be able to experience all I have in life. To get the experiences I have in the business world and now being able to be a stay at home is amazing. Not sure I find one more satisfying than the other or one more "me" than the other but I can say right now in my life being a stay at home (I do work a little) is the poerfect place for me. I also feel like when I look back at my life this time that I am spending at home and with my child will be very fond memories indeed.

Now what your really here for is sex right? Well it is the theme of the blog after all. Sexually things have gone back and forth. I was "in charge" for a while. Then we had a period of just being a hubby and wife who loved each other and liked to play. Then we decided that we really want to have a sort of open marriage - each free to play yet each agreeing to be open and honest when we do play, no secrets and if either of us get uncomfortable we can call things to halt with a person or all together with open play. Goddess has put one woman we know "off limits" for now but other than that and the normal - dont play with friends - rule we are open. I am much more likely I think to play with a man than a woman, though I would like to try that as well and am still very attracted to women. It is just that with a woman there are issues about performance and other complications that guy play doesnt have. Plus I have the workds sexiest Goddess at home so in that regard if I play with a woman it is just for the sake of variety. I did contact or was contacted by a few couples on the swinger site we use and there are two I am considering playing with. Goddess is mixed on the idea of me with a woman - it would be a first in all the years of our marriage. She is jealous, nervous but very excited by it and I think in some ways really wants me to "do it" so that she can see just exactly how she feels. Kind of get it over with but also kind of tesing a reaction. It will be interesting and reminds me of her first few times with other men - what a powerful mix of emotions. One thing we came to realize is that Goddess sex drive isnt as high as mine, especially now that I am at home and much less stressed and she is running a business and much more stressed but that these roles and the opening of things brings her sexuallity out more. She thinks of me with other women a lot during my pleasuring her, and that is usually the thought that brings her to orgasm. I think having more frequent orgasms helps with her stress level as well.

In the mean time we have both played with our normal friends. Her with her "boyfriend" and me with the young stud. Mine was very enjoyable and much more passionate than previous meetings. We made out for the first time, fondeling each other as we kissed - yummy! Then some nice sex. We played for about 2 and a half hours. Goddess play time was enjoyable as well. She has an out of town date lined up for a few weeks from now with her trophy cock. She will enjoy that immensly I think, I hope she does she deserves some nice hard pounding!

Thats all for now, I will try to post more frequently!