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Monday, July 25, 2011

First Post - My Slut Wife

My wife is a slut. I mean she is a great wife and mother but really she is a slut and very few people know it. I love watching her with other men. I love seeing her flirt and seduce but mostly I love watching her fuck. She loves men with big cocks - actually we both do but more on that later. She loves a man who will take charge of her and use her body for his pleasure - she has a rockin sexy body! She hasnt had all that many men at this point, only 4 other men since we have been married. She is trying to plan a second time with her favorite so far. Their first meeting was cut short and they both are anxious for a second meeting. I am anxious to watch, he has a really nice cock, 8 inches and thick, plus he knows how to treat her. She loves his fingering, she loved how he took charge but most of all how he pounded her with that cock. I will be a spectator for this one. Some times I participate but this time I decided I would rather watch, I expect it to be very hot. Rather than chance getting in the way I will be the voyeur, I love being a voyeur! Besides he isnt bi so my participation isnt really required or desired by him, not that he would mind seeing as how I did participate in the first meeting.

So the logical first question is - Why do I let or even encourage my wife to fuck other men? Fair question. The short answer is it turns me on, like REALLY turns me on. Her being a slut makes her the sexiest woman in the world to me. I love seeing it and talking about her deisres. The second question ofcourse is How do i not get jealous? The answer is I do get jealous. Not insanely jealous but just a twinge of jealousy. How could I not, she is my world - well her and the kids. But I have learned to temper and even enjoy that little jealousy. Also it is not just jealousy of other men giving her something I cant (alas I am not well hung nor do I last long nor am I good at taking charge like she loves) but I get envious of the pleasure she is getting. What I have learned is that if I focus on what I dont have or what someone else is getting then I will not be able to enjoy what I get. In other words I focus on the pleasure I get from her slutty activities not the negativity of jealousy or envy.  So in this way we are both happy. She enjoys being a slut - which is the real her finally coming out! I get to enjoy hearing her thoughts, desires and watch her as she has each new man and fulfills each new fantasy. And lucky you I am here to write about it all. Why I chose to do that later, maybe.


  1. "The short answer is it turns me on, like REALLY turns me on. Her being a slut makes her the sexiest woman in the world to me. I love seeing it and talking about her deisres."

    I agree completely!

  2. I wanna suck that cock until it explodes down my cum thirsty throat!!!

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