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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The above pics are from a playtime, my wife with a friend. I took them. Same friend as title picture. I decided to start including some pics of her. More pictures are available on the pics page.

So the guy she mentioned during sex the other night has come up again. turns out she needs to see him Friday night for a business matter. This came up Monday night during sex play. She said previously she felt like giving him a blowjob to reward him for helping her and being a "good boy", what she normally calls me during play - well when I have been good. She kind of wished she had. So I asked her if she intends on giving him that blowjob now that she will see him again. She said yes, she will if he is good. Wow that really turned me on. She ended up sitting on my face for the first time. I loved it. She pushed her ass down on my face and i buried my tongue deep in her ass. She then rubbed her pussy all over my face, covering me in her juices. I tried to get her off but didnt. She teased my cock as she sat on me. I ended up getting her off with a finger and she let me cum inside her pussy.

I am looking forward to Friday. If she does it it will be her first sexual activity without me present. Why does this turn me on? Why am I interested in her having sex with another man without me there? I really look forward to her coming home and teasing me about what she did. maybe thats what I really want. but even the thought is so powerful. I masturbated the other night just thinking of her being with the guy and her letting him fuck her. Hmm...not sure why I like it so much but I know I do.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

a good night

Thursday night was unexpectedly fun. She began by teasing me about a man she knew who was being kind of submissive towards her. it turned her on greatly and she was considering her next move. She stroked me as she talked and got me very excited. I ended up giving her a nice orgasm by hand as she talked. She then mounted me and teased me for a while finally letting me cum. I then fucked her until I cam again. And very surprisingly still kept going and almost had a third. She told me after I stopped how sore she was. I asked if she had the chance to have another man and fuck again right now would she? She smiled, yes she said, she would. Such a slut! I love that so much! I am hoping for some more teasing some time soon. We had a nice little fuck Sat. morning as well. Life is good!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Being punished never felt so good

Thursday morning the wife teased me before work. Stroking me to near orgasm as I rubbed her off then telling me I had to wait.I was, needless to say, horny all day. Since we work together the office can be fun for us or tense. Thursday was tense, to say the least. I didnt get my horniness back until mid afternoon. I was visitng a customers office and met a supervisor and her assistant. Both 20 something and hot. They obviously thought I was cute, I am attractive and own a business so I do get some attention from women on occasion. It was a nice turn on in the middle of a crappy day! I decided to text the wife about it. Seems she had a fun experience away from the office as well. No, not that fun...but she did get attention from young men - she is very hot - and she LOVES attention plus they were cute. So she told me she would tell me about it later and that I was to expect not to get off that night "only good boys get a treat". That night passed slowly as we did the normal family stuff. Eventually we settled in with a drink and watched some tv. She decided she needed to get off so I rubbed her off. She touched me enough only to get me raging hard then said it was time for bed. We went through our routine of teeth brushing with a raging hard on. She teased me a little and I could tell she was getting off on how hard I was. I climbed happily into bed, I was serving her and being denied - it felt good. She teased me some more in bed, she was having too much fun now. She had me rub her some more, I am not sure if she came or night but seems like she did. She then allowed me to put it in her, she was on her period (still) and wet from the orgasm so I slid in easily. It was wet and warm. I rubbed her as I penetrated, I tried to last until she had a third but couldn't hold out. I was able to continue fucking after cumming and still rubbing her she came again. We went to the bathroom feeling quite satisfyied with ourselves. I was cleaning my very messy cock when i saw her bent over. Well I was still hard and she loves being taken from behind so... She loved it. She loves being "taken" especially from the rear - and in it on occasion. I fucked her for a while then almost yelled through an orgasm. We were both spent and (after another clean up) fell into a nice cuddle in bed. Life is good!

Earlier today we got a response from one of the men she is interested in. An older, handsome business man - just like she likes them! She wants to meet him for drinks and he is in town in 2 weeks. She is looking forward to it. It has been 4 months since her last fuck from another man so she is due! I am excited about it. Not sure what my role in the play time will be but it will be fun never the less!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Serving the wife

Last night we had our first mutually enjoyable experience of me serving her, just serving her not sexual play. Well it did lead to two orgasms for her but it was really just about me serving. It started with her picking out some panties for me to wear. Not my favorite pair but i was turned on putting them on anyway. Then we went downstairs to watch some TV. i rubbed her back with lotion and massaged her. I rubbed her breasts with some lotion as well at her request. She is on her period so i was suprised when she told me to rub her clit. I did as instructed, she was wet with more than just blood! For the first time she was really getting off on me serving her. I felt really happy about that. She then made me suck on her lotioned breasts as I rubbed her. it tasted awful, which she knew, but I did as I was told like a good boy. She had a very nice orgasm. I rubbed her feet and gave her some more massaging then it was off to bed. I was sure the night was over as she tires easily when on her period but to my suprise she had me rub her off again. She told me what a good boy I was and how much she loved me as I rubbed her and sucked her nipples. She came hard, very hard. She smiled at me and took me inside her. I came very quickly. I tried to continue after coming, as I somtimes can do for some time, even cumming again on occaision. But alas I went soft quickly. As I lay there I thought about why I went soft so quickly. Many reasons came to mind but one suprised me. I really wanted her to leave me hard and wanting. I wanted to be left wanting her, in a constant state of arousal. Why would I prefer denial over staisfaction?? Not sure I know the answer but the desire is unquestionably real.

Monday, September 5, 2011

thinking of cuckolding

I have been thinking a lot lately about being a cuckold. I am not really now and dont like all the implications of being one but it does intrigue me. I love watching my wife with other men, I love when she mentions other men, i love being her servant, i love talking about other men as we play or fantasizing about her and another man as we fuck. I love the fantasy of her deciding at a moments notice she is going to fuck some other man or her coming home one day and telling me she did. I love her teasing me and making me give her "permission" to see another man by withholding my orgasm. I am just not sure I want to make it all real. I am also not sure she wants to make it all real, which is good. For now it remains a powerful fantasy we/I use often. Who knows where the future leads.

One thing I do love very much is her domming me! damn she is sexy when she makes me serve her. I love it. It gets me so hot, I cum so fast. It is almost like part of the game to cum fast when she dommes me. She has just started to embrace it and she is very good at it. It brings a whole new level of excitement for me.