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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The above pics are from a playtime, my wife with a friend. I took them. Same friend as title picture. I decided to start including some pics of her. More pictures are available on the pics page.

So the guy she mentioned during sex the other night has come up again. turns out she needs to see him Friday night for a business matter. This came up Monday night during sex play. She said previously she felt like giving him a blowjob to reward him for helping her and being a "good boy", what she normally calls me during play - well when I have been good. She kind of wished she had. So I asked her if she intends on giving him that blowjob now that she will see him again. She said yes, she will if he is good. Wow that really turned me on. She ended up sitting on my face for the first time. I loved it. She pushed her ass down on my face and i buried my tongue deep in her ass. She then rubbed her pussy all over my face, covering me in her juices. I tried to get her off but didnt. She teased my cock as she sat on me. I ended up getting her off with a finger and she let me cum inside her pussy.

I am looking forward to Friday. If she does it it will be her first sexual activity without me present. Why does this turn me on? Why am I interested in her having sex with another man without me there? I really look forward to her coming home and teasing me about what she did. maybe thats what I really want. but even the thought is so powerful. I masturbated the other night just thinking of her being with the guy and her letting him fuck her. Hmm...not sure why I like it so much but I know I do.


  1. "Hmm...not sure why I like it so much but I know I do."

    That's pretty much the place I've come to. I have no idea why this stuff turns me on so much, but in the end I don't suppose it matters. I've accepted that I love it, and that's explanation enough for me.