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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Serving the wife

Last night we had our first mutually enjoyable experience of me serving her, just serving her not sexual play. Well it did lead to two orgasms for her but it was really just about me serving. It started with her picking out some panties for me to wear. Not my favorite pair but i was turned on putting them on anyway. Then we went downstairs to watch some TV. i rubbed her back with lotion and massaged her. I rubbed her breasts with some lotion as well at her request. She is on her period so i was suprised when she told me to rub her clit. I did as instructed, she was wet with more than just blood! For the first time she was really getting off on me serving her. I felt really happy about that. She then made me suck on her lotioned breasts as I rubbed her. it tasted awful, which she knew, but I did as I was told like a good boy. She had a very nice orgasm. I rubbed her feet and gave her some more massaging then it was off to bed. I was sure the night was over as she tires easily when on her period but to my suprise she had me rub her off again. She told me what a good boy I was and how much she loved me as I rubbed her and sucked her nipples. She came hard, very hard. She smiled at me and took me inside her. I came very quickly. I tried to continue after coming, as I somtimes can do for some time, even cumming again on occaision. But alas I went soft quickly. As I lay there I thought about why I went soft so quickly. Many reasons came to mind but one suprised me. I really wanted her to leave me hard and wanting. I wanted to be left wanting her, in a constant state of arousal. Why would I prefer denial over staisfaction?? Not sure I know the answer but the desire is unquestionably real.

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  1. Very nice... serving the wife can be fun. At least you got to cum :)
    Agree with you on the cuck thing in earlier post, too... can be such an exciting thought! But the reality could be much different. Still, what a mind fuck! :)