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Monday, September 5, 2011

thinking of cuckolding

I have been thinking a lot lately about being a cuckold. I am not really now and dont like all the implications of being one but it does intrigue me. I love watching my wife with other men, I love when she mentions other men, i love being her servant, i love talking about other men as we play or fantasizing about her and another man as we fuck. I love the fantasy of her deciding at a moments notice she is going to fuck some other man or her coming home one day and telling me she did. I love her teasing me and making me give her "permission" to see another man by withholding my orgasm. I am just not sure I want to make it all real. I am also not sure she wants to make it all real, which is good. For now it remains a powerful fantasy we/I use often. Who knows where the future leads.

One thing I do love very much is her domming me! damn she is sexy when she makes me serve her. I love it. It gets me so hot, I cum so fast. It is almost like part of the game to cum fast when she dommes me. She has just started to embrace it and she is very good at it. It brings a whole new level of excitement for me.

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