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Monday, May 28, 2012


Yesterday, I had a fun time teasing sissy and an old friend.  This old friend didn't know exactly where we were at sexually but "had his suspicions."  I wanted to tease sissy with the possibility that I would out her and I knew this friend thought I was hot and wanted to fuck me so I decided to invite him over.  I told sissy I wanted us to "feel" him out and decide how much we wanted to share.  You see, he could be a good fit for my sissy to talk to as well as myself to dominate.  He is kind of a malesub or sissy who doesn't realize yet that he is a sissy.  I know my sissy would enjoy bringing him out and I would enjoy another malesub /goddess worshipper to bring into my harem.  I really enjoyed teasing this friend to the point of bursting.  He almost blurted out his intentions but remained reserved.  Because of his inability to be honest with us and beg for what he wanted, I didn't reward him.  I instead sent him home hard and telling us he will think about cigars and domination all night.  I would love to tease this friend with an invitation first to poker or chess at our house.  Then show up at the door in a naughty outfit showing skin and control the rest of the evening.  I know he will jump to conclusions thinking I want to have sex with him.  That will make it all the more fun to then dominate him, sit him down and tell him to play poker and I will be serving himself and my sissy all night.  build anticipation, tease him.  then send him home again, without having touched me let alone been able to cum.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Must Needed Humiliation Session

My little sissy cuckold was punished severely last night for pouting and fighting back against Goddess' dominance.  It seems sissy is having a problem being a cuckold even though it moves her into such excitement.  She not only fought her role as cuckold, she fought against her role as submissive.  Needless to say we had a great humiliation/punishment session last night.  Wednesday night while I was with my BF I had her place a butt plug in while she chatted with a daddy and a stallion interest at clubsissy.  I told her that if she needed to pee to do so in a container and place that in the fridge.  I teased her all week with how I was going to use that sissy pee.  Well, last night I used it.  I had her walk to our room on her knees then had her on all fours.  First, I spanked her lovely bottom with a riding crop until there were some decent sized welts.  Then I had her get towels to lay down under her.  She was nervous with anticipation.  I then began to pour the ice cold pee on her in litttle spurts making her let it dribble down her chest and neck.  Each time she flinched and exclaimed at it, I spanked her.  I then had her go to the bathroom and wait for me.  I put her in the tub and told her to lie down.  I then squatted over her perched on the bathtub walls and began to pee on her myself while I rubbed her now very excited little clitty.  The whole time she exclaimed my beauty, my pussy's beauty and her love for me.  I asked her if she liked her punsihment.  She said no and that she would never pout or fight back again and instead if she does, she will ask for punishment.  Such a good sissy.  I think her humiliation session was much needed and worked.

Friday, May 25, 2012

feeling like a sissy

The other night Goddess had a date with her BF. This date was going to be a little different and she was excited. I will leave the details to Her if She wishes but She came home very dissapointed. I had to immediately console Her. It was odd to console Her over a date but it felt right and i felt good doing it and was glad i was there for Her. The next day they texted, as usual, most the day and he made it up to Her and promised it would never happen again. It even created some fun new ideas for them to try in the future. She really wanted to see him again that night but he couldnt, in fact he will be unavailable until next week it seems. I felt very jealous about all this. Her feelings for him go beyond sex and sexual attraction, they are romantic. He is becoming the "Man" in her life, much like Jay in the All Mine blog. Our situation is different from Suzzanne and Tammi as well as from Jay's so it will never look like that - we have kids at home, are too closely tied to a small community, BF has his own situation, etc......but none the less the same feelings are beginning to show. Their sex (Goddess and BF) is not like Goddess sex with Her TC, the BF sex is more passionate - she enjoys it immensly even when his perfomance isnt what either would want just because it is him ....  she craves it in fact. So how do I feel about all this? I apologzed last night for "acting up", I had kind of pouted in a moment of intense jealous feeling. It was wrong and my apology was heartfelt. As she left today I suggested maybe he had time for lunch. I know She is anxious to see him again and have a good moment with him. i feel very much like a sissy in that moment but a sissy driven by a love for her Goddess not acting out of a desire for humiliation. i am proud of myself for that, i am a good sissy!

As for me, there is a lot to tell as well. I am feeling much the sissy these days. Today I am home from work on one of my sissy days. Goddess is giving me one day a week to be home from work and be a sissy all day. i do housework, take care of kids, run errands etc... We are hopeful to turn this into two days soon and someday 3 days a week. i do really enjoy it. It will be more fun the days kids arent ehre so i can more fully dress, for now it is panties under my clothes. Speaking of dressing i, for the first time have a desire to fully dress. I dont have a girl outfit, so far just some lingerie and panties. We did buy me a wig. But I want an outfit, hopefully something i look good in. i am thinking a shirt and skirt with some stockings - typical i know right? How do you shop for somehting like this? I shopped the other day for a new nighty, just guessing at my size. I got it right but paying for it i was so embarrassed. yes i am sure they thought it was for my Wife right? But She wasnt with me and the process was tough. The thought of trying to pick out a shirt and And how do I do it without trying it on? Goddess must come with me of course. i havent asked yet, i am going to this weekend. i am sure She will do it, i think, i hope.....sigh such is the life of a dominated, cuckolded, sissy....yeah! :)

So Goddess gave me permission to go on and advertise for a guy. I met two prospects, i will save details for later but both are interesting. Both dominant and both want to see me fully dressed if we play. One is more willing to compromise than the other but the want is there. Yes that drives some of the want to have an outfit but honestly it is coming from deeper places i think. Goddess is very kind to give me this wonderful opportunity for an outlet, i think she is excited about it as well. Like most "connections" on the internet the odds of it working with either guy are slim but it is fun to try and who knows? BTW clubsissy is a lot of fun for any of you sissys out there and it is free - mostly lol. Thanks to the anonomous person who suggested it!

Thats all for to be a sissy!

One of the

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Goddess training

I am now Goddess full time while my sissy is well, a sissy about 75% of the time which makes it rough on her.  The transition to full time Goddess was easy for me to begin and continue to practice but for my sissy, the transition is much harder and more impossible at times.  For instance, I can feel confident and be in charge with little physical changes.  My sissy cannot physically show her submission through dress, make up and wig all the time or quite as easily like she would like to.  Because of this inequality in the "sexual ecomony" as we call it, my boyfriend (formerly known as my mind fuck) visits, texting with him and dates have had to be limited to what is comfortable for my sissy (texting during the day during the week only, and two visits per week one social and one sexual). 

This parameter is doing something interesting however, for my "Goddess training" as I call it.  I realized my boyfriend was really helping me through this transition and was like my role model in being the Dom.  Now that my communication is limited I am looking for other outlets to support my new dominant role.  Such as when I am home enjoying my weekend, I will enjoy a cigar and a drink whenever I damn well feel like it.  Embracing the role of the bread winner who needs to relax and rejuvenate during her weekend.  My sissy serves me and plays look out for our children (I don't want them to see me smoking).  This drives my feelings of dominance and my sissy's desire to be submissive to me in an uncanny way. 

This morning I put a 9 inch (and counting) dildo in her pussy and made her rub herself off on a pillow, a very humiliating behavior for my sissy.  Tonight, I put a plug in her pussy and told her she could have play time and had 30 minutes before it was time for bed.  As soon as I finish my Goddess time I will put her to bed.  Next time I think I should put her to bed then go out and have Goddess time.  Hmmmm, next date with my boyfriend I think I will do that.

The "Goddess training" has been stepped up a notch with the inability to rely solely on my boyfriend to inpsire my dominance and is more about me drawing from my inner strength and desire to be dominant.  Even without an extremely high libido right now, I am enjoying dominating, humiliating and being Goddess.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Should sissy have a "girlfriend"?

My sissy is feeling the need to express herself as she mentioned in her earlier post.  She would like to express to a "friend."  There is a particular friend, a BBW she's fantasized about serving even before we began down the road of a sissy/goddess relationship.  My question is, do my fellow goddess'/dom's allow their sissy's/wifey's to have "girlfriends" that have previously been romantic interests they wanted to play with as dom's themselves? 

I am having a hard time allowing this relationship and I think I have figured out why just tonight.  Among other reasons (like quite frankly a BBW is a goddess herself) because this BBW was a romantic interest before our change in dynamic and now I feel as though my sissy is subverting my dominance by wanting this BBW to remain in her life.  I want to give my sissy an outlet of someone to talk to because I enjoy very much being a loving/giving goddess but I just really don't want to give her this particular relationship.  I would be very pleased if she found a man she could talk to or a woman friend of my choosing that she could relate with female to femme/male but not this particular one.  I feel a bit silly. 

sissy thoughts...

I felt like blogging earlier today now I am kind of worn out but Goddess wanted me to blog. I have been feeling very much like a sissy lately, unable to control my feelings the way i used too - even pouting! It is very odd, I like it but I dont... Goddess has been very understanding and even a little happy that my moods are such. She loves that I express myself so much, I used to have such a hard time sharing my feelings. We got me some new lingerie this weekend which i very much liked. A wig too, which looks pretty good on me. Goddess made me up, she thought I looked adorable but I was less happy. I still need to lose 15-20 lbs then maybe my face will be more feminine along with my body.

Goddess has seen a lot of her boyfriend lately, that's what we call her former mind fuck turned almost trophy cock. They text many times a day, every day and see each other several times a week. the sex still isn't where goddess would like it but she loves his thick cock. I met him the other day for the first time, nice guy. She would love for us to play together but she is taking it slow with him. She really likes him a lot. I am OK with it all. I got upset a little the other day but she calmed me down and I am good now. Plus we had a great weekend together that was very reassuring. We have a date to play together with her favorite who now she is calling her trophy cock, he does have a great cock and knows how to use it! Also he likes playing with both of us but Goddess doesn't like him in a text all day, go out for drinks kind of way like her boyfriend. I am looking forward to the playtime! I like him and he enjoys me playing with his cock, he might even put it in my pussy - Goddess wants him too, he said we will see. Exciting but scary as he is very big!

I added the picture as I know Goddess would LOVE this!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A happy sissy!

Wow a lot has gone on in a week! First off let me say i am one happy sissy!! Goddess has been so good to me and it is apparent that she LOVES making me a sissy! I am happy! the past week has been full of sissy cums by goddess's lovely hand and tongue. She has started to lick my semi-limp boy clitty like a real clit. It cums in a still semi-limp condition with the most wonderful feeling. She also love playing with my smooth shaven boobies! I must also point out now that i am completely shaved now except the hair on my head and my armpits. Goddess loves the smoothness! I do too, I really enjoy my smooth legs. Goddess also loves my "boy pussy" as she calls it. For the first time ever she really enjoys penetrating it, she even fingers it and the other night she put her tongue in it. She has also peed on me recently and made me rub my panty covered clitty on a pillow to get off like she used to do as a little girl. As she does all this her pussy is gushing wet like I have rarely seen.

For her part goddess is very much feeling her part, she loves it - as she tells me daily. Her date last week with the hopeful trophy cock didnt go well. She is out with him again tonight and hoping for a more exciting conclusion. She really likes him and is willing to take whatever he can give including a night of cuddling in bed naked and talking. Tonight she is hoping for a pounding, I am hopeful for her and for my first cream pie! She loves being in charge and having control. She has been very good to me. Last Friday she visited her favorite friend alone again. This time at his house. She had a great time, she always does with him. Later that night she used my pussy and rubbed my clitty to a nice cum.

For my part I love retreating into the sissy role at the end of a long day at work. I may semi retire soon and spend more time at home. Goddess loves me being at home doing chores while she works. I enjoy it and am spending all the time I can doing it. Speaking of time I have not had much time to myself. Goddess and I have a term for my favorite time - sissy time. I love sitting in panties and watching sissy videos like on annamalices site or reading blogs like sissy sarah or sissy wife. They are all on my list of blogs. I have only had a day or so in the last week. i cant complain though as goddess has played with me every night for the last week. We have had more sex lately than anytime I can remember in our marriage. I had to ask her to give my pussy a break. We are going away this weekend I am sure she will be using it then, she said she will stay away until then - I wouldnt mind if she took me tonight! I cant wait to go away this weekend. Alone all weekend in a hotel, out shopping and eating at nice places. Maybe some new lingerie for a sissy!!

Oh I decided the name needed changed, hope that doesnt cause any inconvenience.

Oh and I would love to have another sissy to chat with. If anyone wants to chat I am roberto4539 on yahoo chat.

I will try to add some pictures later.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Goddess has a date...

Goddess's mind fuck, possible trophy cock?

Goddess date tomorrow
Goddess has a date tomorrow night with her "mind fuck". Things heated up during their last date and the "mind fuck" is going for title of "trophy cock". They are getting a hotel room. Since he is married they will only have 3 or 4 hours but needless to say both are very excited. I got to see some of their text conversation and it was very hot. He sent her pics of his cock and a video of himself shooting and she is in heaven. I posted the video and a couple pics with her permission. He is not as long as some she has been with, just over 6 inches. But he is very thick, two inches straight across at the base - twice what I am straight across ( if I remember math right Pi times diameter equals circumfrence so he is over 6 inches around!). Goddess loves thick, more so than long. Also he has had a vasectomy so he will be shooting his loads into her which is a first for us. I can wait to eat my first cream pie tomorrow night. I will not be joining them so it will leak a bit on her way home but much will still be in there I am sure. She is hoping it turns into a regular thing but they are playing it by ear at this point. I hope some day to come in and clean up right after he shoots, a long time fantasy. She would love this as well, the thought of me feeding on her lovers cum thrills her.

At the same time my sissification has progressed. I have shaved my chest and tummy of what little hair I had. I love the smooth feeling. I am going to get laser treatment to permanently remove that hair. Goddess likes it too and has taken to playing with my boobies and sucking my nipples. She also has been taking my ass "pussy" as she calls it - I have to admit I am enjoying her calling my ass a pussy and my little cock a "boy clit". She has given me many sissy cums in my panties by rubbing my boy clit. I have really enjoyed the fucking she has been giving me, I love feeling my boy pussy so full. I miss having a real cock in me. Goddess has given permission for me to have a dominant male lover so if anyone knows a good website to find one let me know. Our swinger site isnt the right place unfortunately. Goddes and I have discussed shaving my legs, she is in favor. I will soon but it is a big step - so much more visible and noticeable in summer. Not sure i am ready, though I want to. Also shaving my facial hair. I am a pretty good looking guy with facial hair - not sure why but it really makes me cuter. if I shave it I will feel more sissy which I want but I will lose some of my male attractiveness which I still enjoy when I am out. I am sure it is coming, goddess says I should lose 10 more punds first, she is probably right but I am anxious.