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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Must Needed Humiliation Session

My little sissy cuckold was punished severely last night for pouting and fighting back against Goddess' dominance.  It seems sissy is having a problem being a cuckold even though it moves her into such excitement.  She not only fought her role as cuckold, she fought against her role as submissive.  Needless to say we had a great humiliation/punishment session last night.  Wednesday night while I was with my BF I had her place a butt plug in while she chatted with a daddy and a stallion interest at clubsissy.  I told her that if she needed to pee to do so in a container and place that in the fridge.  I teased her all week with how I was going to use that sissy pee.  Well, last night I used it.  I had her walk to our room on her knees then had her on all fours.  First, I spanked her lovely bottom with a riding crop until there were some decent sized welts.  Then I had her get towels to lay down under her.  She was nervous with anticipation.  I then began to pour the ice cold pee on her in litttle spurts making her let it dribble down her chest and neck.  Each time she flinched and exclaimed at it, I spanked her.  I then had her go to the bathroom and wait for me.  I put her in the tub and told her to lie down.  I then squatted over her perched on the bathtub walls and began to pee on her myself while I rubbed her now very excited little clitty.  The whole time she exclaimed my beauty, my pussy's beauty and her love for me.  I asked her if she liked her punsihment.  She said no and that she would never pout or fight back again and instead if she does, she will ask for punishment.  Such a good sissy.  I think her humiliation session was much needed and worked.


  1. I know, sometimes we sissys fight back on things.
    It seems you have things well in hand, though! :)
    Getting doused in one's own (cold!) pee is certainly a new one, and hope one my Wife won't! Hot-and-cold is like the new sweet-and-sour, I guess! :)

  2. Thanks for the comment, Sara. It is great to hear from a sissy on this. I am imaginative so it sometimes (not all the time) comes naturally to me to keep things under my control. :-)

  3. Goddess, thank You.
    I'm liking your inventiveness, I must say! I can tell by the tenting in my panties, mostly...hee!

  4. very interesting punishment and love your blog