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Monday, May 14, 2012

sissy thoughts...

I felt like blogging earlier today now I am kind of worn out but Goddess wanted me to blog. I have been feeling very much like a sissy lately, unable to control my feelings the way i used too - even pouting! It is very odd, I like it but I dont... Goddess has been very understanding and even a little happy that my moods are such. She loves that I express myself so much, I used to have such a hard time sharing my feelings. We got me some new lingerie this weekend which i very much liked. A wig too, which looks pretty good on me. Goddess made me up, she thought I looked adorable but I was less happy. I still need to lose 15-20 lbs then maybe my face will be more feminine along with my body.

Goddess has seen a lot of her boyfriend lately, that's what we call her former mind fuck turned almost trophy cock. They text many times a day, every day and see each other several times a week. the sex still isn't where goddess would like it but she loves his thick cock. I met him the other day for the first time, nice guy. She would love for us to play together but she is taking it slow with him. She really likes him a lot. I am OK with it all. I got upset a little the other day but she calmed me down and I am good now. Plus we had a great weekend together that was very reassuring. We have a date to play together with her favorite who now she is calling her trophy cock, he does have a great cock and knows how to use it! Also he likes playing with both of us but Goddess doesn't like him in a text all day, go out for drinks kind of way like her boyfriend. I am looking forward to the playtime! I like him and he enjoys me playing with his cock, he might even put it in my pussy - Goddess wants him too, he said we will see. Exciting but scary as he is very big!

I added the picture as I know Goddess would LOVE this!!


  1. The Mistress in the photograph is the star of a couple of lovely sexy movies that can be found at EL Ladies Amateur Blog site. She's awesome!

    1. I looked for the video and could not find it. Do you know her name? Or can you give me a link?

  2. Don't know the name, sorry. Go to El Ladies Amateur Blog site. On the top bar click on videos. Then type Mistress into the search box and scroll through the videos that come up. I think she's on page two with a guy in a mask.
    Good luck.

    1. I think she might be known as Mistress Karin.