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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Goddess has a date...

Goddess's mind fuck, possible trophy cock?

Goddess date tomorrow
Goddess has a date tomorrow night with her "mind fuck". Things heated up during their last date and the "mind fuck" is going for title of "trophy cock". They are getting a hotel room. Since he is married they will only have 3 or 4 hours but needless to say both are very excited. I got to see some of their text conversation and it was very hot. He sent her pics of his cock and a video of himself shooting and she is in heaven. I posted the video and a couple pics with her permission. He is not as long as some she has been with, just over 6 inches. But he is very thick, two inches straight across at the base - twice what I am straight across ( if I remember math right Pi times diameter equals circumfrence so he is over 6 inches around!). Goddess loves thick, more so than long. Also he has had a vasectomy so he will be shooting his loads into her which is a first for us. I can wait to eat my first cream pie tomorrow night. I will not be joining them so it will leak a bit on her way home but much will still be in there I am sure. She is hoping it turns into a regular thing but they are playing it by ear at this point. I hope some day to come in and clean up right after he shoots, a long time fantasy. She would love this as well, the thought of me feeding on her lovers cum thrills her.

At the same time my sissification has progressed. I have shaved my chest and tummy of what little hair I had. I love the smooth feeling. I am going to get laser treatment to permanently remove that hair. Goddess likes it too and has taken to playing with my boobies and sucking my nipples. She also has been taking my ass "pussy" as she calls it - I have to admit I am enjoying her calling my ass a pussy and my little cock a "boy clit". She has given me many sissy cums in my panties by rubbing my boy clit. I have really enjoyed the fucking she has been giving me, I love feeling my boy pussy so full. I miss having a real cock in me. Goddess has given permission for me to have a dominant male lover so if anyone knows a good website to find one let me know. Our swinger site isnt the right place unfortunately. Goddes and I have discussed shaving my legs, she is in favor. I will soon but it is a big step - so much more visible and noticeable in summer. Not sure i am ready, though I want to. Also shaving my facial hair. I am a pretty good looking guy with facial hair - not sure why but it really makes me cuter. if I shave it I will feel more sissy which I want but I will lose some of my male attractiveness which I still enjoy when I am out. I am sure it is coming, goddess says I should lose 10 more punds first, she is probably right but I am anxious.

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  1. Swallowing her lovers cum is the ultimate compliment you can pay your wife. Shaving your legs is readiness for wearing hosiery to go along with your panty wearing, and more submission and humiliation for sissy.