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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A happy sissy!

Wow a lot has gone on in a week! First off let me say i am one happy sissy!! Goddess has been so good to me and it is apparent that she LOVES making me a sissy! I am happy! the past week has been full of sissy cums by goddess's lovely hand and tongue. She has started to lick my semi-limp boy clitty like a real clit. It cums in a still semi-limp condition with the most wonderful feeling. She also love playing with my smooth shaven boobies! I must also point out now that i am completely shaved now except the hair on my head and my armpits. Goddess loves the smoothness! I do too, I really enjoy my smooth legs. Goddess also loves my "boy pussy" as she calls it. For the first time ever she really enjoys penetrating it, she even fingers it and the other night she put her tongue in it. She has also peed on me recently and made me rub my panty covered clitty on a pillow to get off like she used to do as a little girl. As she does all this her pussy is gushing wet like I have rarely seen.

For her part goddess is very much feeling her part, she loves it - as she tells me daily. Her date last week with the hopeful trophy cock didnt go well. She is out with him again tonight and hoping for a more exciting conclusion. She really likes him and is willing to take whatever he can give including a night of cuddling in bed naked and talking. Tonight she is hoping for a pounding, I am hopeful for her and for my first cream pie! She loves being in charge and having control. She has been very good to me. Last Friday she visited her favorite friend alone again. This time at his house. She had a great time, she always does with him. Later that night she used my pussy and rubbed my clitty to a nice cum.

For my part I love retreating into the sissy role at the end of a long day at work. I may semi retire soon and spend more time at home. Goddess loves me being at home doing chores while she works. I enjoy it and am spending all the time I can doing it. Speaking of time I have not had much time to myself. Goddess and I have a term for my favorite time - sissy time. I love sitting in panties and watching sissy videos like on annamalices site or reading blogs like sissy sarah or sissy wife. They are all on my list of blogs. I have only had a day or so in the last week. i cant complain though as goddess has played with me every night for the last week. We have had more sex lately than anytime I can remember in our marriage. I had to ask her to give my pussy a break. We are going away this weekend I am sure she will be using it then, she said she will stay away until then - I wouldnt mind if she took me tonight! I cant wait to go away this weekend. Alone all weekend in a hotel, out shopping and eating at nice places. Maybe some new lingerie for a sissy!!

Oh I decided the name needed changed, hope that doesnt cause any inconvenience.

Oh and I would love to have another sissy to chat with. If anyone wants to chat I am roberto4539 on yahoo chat.

I will try to add some pictures later.

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