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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cuckolding, teasing and some very nice anal

 So all week we have been trying to set up a date for this weekend. We got in touch with an old friend who is always anxious to play. He is not mistress favorite but is does a nice job and he is very bi. Then Friday just as we were about to head out for dinner and a meet with him she got her period. Thankfully it was very light, kind of just spotty and she was still in the mood. Our friend said he didnt mind so we stuck to the plan, kind of. We had a light dinner together just the two of us then went to our room to prepare. We shaved each others ass and played lightly. That was very fun, we were both a little nervous however. When he arrived we greeted each other, we had never played with him as cuckold couple and I dont think any of us knew quite how to act so it was a bit awkward. I offered to make a trip down tot he bar and left them alone in the room, knowing that with mistress laying there in her sexy teddy he would move in and begin with out me. When i arrived back I was proven correct as they were going at nice and heavy. They didnt immediately stop or even seem to notice me which was very hot. We then hit a kind of second lull and more small talk ensued. Finally things heated back up and they were soon making out and stripping his clothes off. I was ordered to insert a butt plug then allowed to suck his very yummy, thick 8 inch cock. While I did the kissed and played. Soon she was sitting on his cock, which found its way into her sexy ass. She was riding him facing back to me and we were whispering. I told ehr how hot she looked and how much she deserved his wonderful cock. I rubbed her pussy and fingered her as she rode. He grabbed her breasts and she turned back to kiss him. They stayed like that for some time as I stroked myself and her, she was having a wonderful time - though I was somewhat worried by the noise she was miking in our hotel room. She can get pretty loud when she is being well fucked, which i love!! She then decided i needed that cock in my ass. This was what I was nervous about not having had a real cock in me in 10 years. Out came the plug and in went his generous cock. It felt absolutely wonderful. I loved it and she watched her cucky get fucked for the very first time. She loved it as well. He fucked me for some time then she made him stop and put on a new condom. unfortunately he pooped out and she never got her pussy filled. It was a very nice time, we cuddled afterward and I got her off with my fingers. She decided to leave me hanging until the next morning when she rode me for a few minutes until I couldnt hold out any longer and she allowed me a wonderful cum. We did get pictures this time which I will post when I get a chance.

 Me sucking him with plug in me.

 Him in her ass. Sorry there are not more of her. She was much better at taking the pics than I was. I will work on that.

Him going in me.

Him pounding me.

 This is an earlier one of me spanked and vibe stuffed in me. This was in the hotel on the trip before Christmas this year. Loved it! I think she enjoyed herself as well.

The next night (sat) was less eventful sexually but we had a great dinner out at a new place we heard of and we saw The Blue Man Group which was a blast. We came back to the htoel for some flirting, her and me. I got very drunk and went farther than I good cuckold should. I love to flirt and when dressed I am pretty handsome so I had a grea time. She got some nice flirting int as well, she looked VERY striking and quite sexy. She had a cute 30 something ex NFL player drooling over her, which had he been alone would have been a great playtime for her, alas his wife was there as well. We ended up back in the room where she peed on me (LOVE that) and I got her off but was left hanging like a good cucky. She seemed to enjoy peeing on me which was new, usually it is my request - I liked that new twist. We also had some good conversation about cuckolding in general which I may post about later. We are really enjoying this new relationship with all of its new turns and facets.

Monday, January 9, 2012

feeldoe update, some nice sex and the search for a big cock..

First off we tried the feeldoe over the weekend. The woman in the pics isn't my wife, why dont we take pics of this stuff?? We have talked about it and will upload some new ones. Anyway we have the same one, the blue one, it is the thin version. Wish now I got the bigger one but we can use this one for a while then decide if we want an upgrade. It was a little akward for her but she got the hang of it quickly. She really liked it. She said she enjoyed being the one to do the fucking! She said it was a little work but she was very happy. She has not liked using the strap on in the past so this is a big deal. I of course loved it!! Big fan. Just the fact she liked it was huge but I really enjoyed the feeling. Loved looking up at her as she fucked me. She is so sexy with her big boobs and pretty face, what a goddess!!!
She has been messaging several guys she is interested in. She really wanted to get fucked this weekend. No luck. My cock is small and since we have started this new play I cum in seconds after entering her, when she lets me. So finding a good hard fucking is something she longs for I think. I dont blame her, in fact I will be happy for her when she finds one soon. I hope I get to watch!! Only a couple of her recent chats have been with guys that have real big ones, the guy she really wants may work out yet as we will be in his city next month. She is hoping for bigger cocks nearby, I think. But if the ones she is chatting with now can last, they seem big enough to do the job - much better than me anyway.


We had a tentative date set up with a guy we played with previously. He wasnt a favorite but had a really nice 8 inch cock, thick as well. plus he had a lot of endurance and he is bi. They chatted a bit and she was going to have him use me first then her. He seemed to like the idea but we couldnt make a time work. He wants to set up a date for 2 weeks from now when he is back, we will see. I am nervous but honestly sounds very hot. Sucking him then taking him in my ass. She loves the idea of having me used by him as well. She likes the idea of "giving" me to someone to use in general, man or woman. Hmmm... wonder where this will go...

 She has also been making me eat my own cream pies lately, not all the time but several times. I have grown to like it. I love the idea of eating another mans but even eating mine is hot. I hope in the not too distant future I can eat some yummy cum off her.... or out of her!