This blog relates the real life adventures of a married couple in their 30's. We are happily married for more than 10 years and have chosen to open our marriage up to new sexual realities, including cuckolding, sissification and a wife led marriage. All while loving each other more each day. If this is not your thing it's OK but this may not be the place for you. If you enjoy it please feel free to leave a comment. If you have questions please leave those as well. It is written by both Goddess and sissy - sharing all our thoughts and feelings regarding the journey. All the pictures on here are taken by me or found on the web. If I found it on the web I assumed it was part of the public domain. If you see a picture that is yours and want it removed please let me know and I will remove it.

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Monday, June 25, 2012


I apologize to my readers, if there are any left, for not posting in so long. I haven't posted in 3 weeks, though Goddess posted a little more recently than that. Not much has changed or happened really. Goddess has continued seeing her boyfriend and her trophy cock. I tied her once for him, so she was waiting tied and blind folded in a baby doll. I think based on reactions it was one of her favorite sessions in some time, I believe it will have to be repeated! I also think She would like it repeated at some point with several men - in fact she said as much. She also has mentioned an interest in a black man or BBC in the cuckolding vernacular. I was always surprised this didn't come up sooner. As a sissy it has always been something I thought I would want were I Her. But until recently it has not been mentioned. I was thrilled She mentioned it and I hope we make it happen! Also she has been thinking a lot about a female submissive. She has been out with or thought about a few different girls but nothing has tripped Her trigger yet. She has something in mind and will wait till She finds it or She will get horny enough for it to go for something close!

One item of interest is we decided to give up on the Sissy Maid Handbook. Well not completely but in large part. It became too rigid and didn't fit what we were hoping to do with our life. I have continued reading some and Goddess will as well I think but in a more discussion oriented manner than so strictly. I have not seen my stallion again but I may this week! Yeah!

We spent the weekend away last weekend just a Goddess and her sissy. Some really nice sex including me being back in Her - which was really nice. She was still Goddess during it and let me know it was not for Her pleasure, as my little clitty does nothing for Her but as a reward. She teased me about cumming to quickly to do much for Her anyway, which of course made me cum in minutes! it was really nice to get away, i treasure those times with Her. Oh and we shopped and got some clothes for me, nothing like a whole outfit yet but some promising pieces.

Life seems good. We both agreed we are happy with where things are at right now. I love my Goddess!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Shelly's training

Have had a low libido lately.  Between being sick and the female cycles I am truly a Goddess in that I get whatever I want when I want especially in these times when Shelly, boyfriend and trophy cock all have to suffer through with me and simply enjoy my presence devoid (sometimes totally) of sex.  However, sexuality is always there and all understand as they are wonderful worshippers as would only exit in my harem. 

I have continued Shelly's sissy training if though the above mentioned situation exists.  We are on Day 6 and we've covered items we've already done or explored like shaving, naming, duties, etc. However, the items we haven't explored but I needed for Shelly to explore was the sissy attitude and exploration of her feminine side.  That has been intriguing and perfectly timed since I have been more introspective myself.  I am training her in getting in touch with what she feels and with her reasons for wanting and/or being a sissy.  It has been wonderful and when she fights back now, I remind her of her tarining and then proceed to crop her ass and stand her in the corner.  I have sent Stallion pictures of this and asked him to help me in the training.  Two heads are better than one after all...

Sunday, June 3, 2012


So where to begin...Goddess should always be the beginning so let start there. As the posts alluded to last week we had some issues with me acting up. We have decided that the idea of parameters on Goddess were un-Goddess like. So at this point she is free to meet, have sex, text or chat as much as She likes. In some ways this makes things easier...but it also creates more fear on my part. I have no right to expect anything now, though I know we can always talk things through. Anyway, my love and devotion to Her grow. I truly lust after Her as much or more than I ever have, which Goddess would happily admit is a LOT. She truly is my Goddess.

The blog has seem some changes obviously. I like the colors better now, seem fitting to me and well....pretty! I changed my blog "name" to something more fitting. As Goddess said I now have a female name, which i will address more on later. But I am going to leave my blog name as is for now, enough change on that end. I also changed some wording here and there but probably need to do more. Another obvious change is I created a blog identity for Her so She could post more easily and it would be obvious who was posting, plus with Her commenting on others blogs it was just getting too confusing. Obviously She enjoys posting as She has done a lot lately - a wonderful addition i think to the blog! Also i will post fewer porn type pictures, I like them but I think the blog deserves a little classier appearance now. i reserve the right to post a few though, well till Goddess tells me not too....

Now for the sissy. Goddess has given me a name, Shelly. I like it. I am getting used to it, Goddess has used it a lot since giving it to me a few days ago. It does put me in a sissy place for sure. Also as I said before Goddess gave me permission to seek out some male friendship on I chatted with 2 guys. One younger and one older. i would have thought my chances were better with the older guy but we ended up meeting with the younger one. Goddess calls him stallion....giggles...he is well hung and young so i guess it fits! I got to play with him after we met for drinks. Goddess put on my make-up and i slipped inty a sexy baby doll. Goddess left and we played. we videoed it for Goddess. I loved it. I sucked and had him in me pounding and got to eat his cum, wow. He is cute, not real dominant looking but likes to be Dom. He is so young, mid 20's so I am 10 plus years older. We have chatted some since, quite a bit the next day. He likes participating in my training, which Goddess likes as well.We both have marriages, both spouses know but it creates logistical and permission issues. Anyway i hope we get to play again but I am continuing with my training and serving with my Goddess so I am Happy!

Sissy has a new name

I will graciously let Sissy post about her first experience with a dominant stallion of a young man but have to tell you she now has a name!  This is something we've both been contemplating for the last several months since we began this journey, should sissy have a name?  Nothing came to mind until "the stallion" as I call him, asked her if she had a name or if he could name her.  Obedient and loyally she first asked her goddess the question before responding.  I immediately said "Shelly".  It instantly  popped into my memory once questioned.  I used ot have a fantasy (years ago!) about a woman that I called Shelly.  It was a very real fantasy and very erotic for me saying that name so I instantly knew who my sissy should be.  My old fantasy about another woman! PERFECT!

Follow up on "Teasing"

As you recall, an old friend was lured to our house for a good teasing then sent home with no reward because he refused to ask for anything that he REALLY wanted.  The next evening however, he was blowing up sissy's phone with thoughts of things he wanted to do with us.  Revolving guessed it...dominance.  I dominating he and sissy for an evening.  Sissy obediently gave him my cell number so he could text me all the things he REALLY wanted to do.  (I am a generous goddess I just need to hear from my servants what they want. Otherwise, they get nothing unless I want/choose to give it to them.)    Thus began a night of texting back and forth until 2 a.m!  Of course, I had a very fun time with sissy in the mean time.  I danced for her, (she loves being reminded of the fact that she cannot have me like a real man can or does) and teased her clitty and pussy.  During this session was texting back and forth with old friend.   He told me everything he would like to do to me including raping my soul which was a favorite.  He got to "see" my body for the first time including a close up of my pussy which he loved and I loved teasing him with the photos.  I ordered him to send me a photo of his cock which he shyly exclaimed he'd never done before but of course, did anyway.  As the texting wrapped up, I quickly found out however, that he liked the idea of dominance but was less submissive than I would like.  I told him my fantasy as described in my earlier post called "Teasing".  He thought that sounded amazing and I concurred.  We shall see what happens.  Stay tuned....