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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sissy has a new name

I will graciously let Sissy post about her first experience with a dominant stallion of a young man but have to tell you she now has a name!  This is something we've both been contemplating for the last several months since we began this journey, should sissy have a name?  Nothing came to mind until "the stallion" as I call him, asked her if she had a name or if he could name her.  Obedient and loyally she first asked her goddess the question before responding.  I immediately said "Shelly".  It instantly  popped into my memory once questioned.  I used ot have a fantasy (years ago!) about a woman that I called Shelly.  It was a very real fantasy and very erotic for me saying that name so I instantly knew who my sissy should be.  My old fantasy about another woman! PERFECT!

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  1. Shelly is a nice name -- sure is nice to have it pop immediately in Your head! :)