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Monday, June 25, 2012


I apologize to my readers, if there are any left, for not posting in so long. I haven't posted in 3 weeks, though Goddess posted a little more recently than that. Not much has changed or happened really. Goddess has continued seeing her boyfriend and her trophy cock. I tied her once for him, so she was waiting tied and blind folded in a baby doll. I think based on reactions it was one of her favorite sessions in some time, I believe it will have to be repeated! I also think She would like it repeated at some point with several men - in fact she said as much. She also has mentioned an interest in a black man or BBC in the cuckolding vernacular. I was always surprised this didn't come up sooner. As a sissy it has always been something I thought I would want were I Her. But until recently it has not been mentioned. I was thrilled She mentioned it and I hope we make it happen! Also she has been thinking a lot about a female submissive. She has been out with or thought about a few different girls but nothing has tripped Her trigger yet. She has something in mind and will wait till She finds it or She will get horny enough for it to go for something close!

One item of interest is we decided to give up on the Sissy Maid Handbook. Well not completely but in large part. It became too rigid and didn't fit what we were hoping to do with our life. I have continued reading some and Goddess will as well I think but in a more discussion oriented manner than so strictly. I have not seen my stallion again but I may this week! Yeah!

We spent the weekend away last weekend just a Goddess and her sissy. Some really nice sex including me being back in Her - which was really nice. She was still Goddess during it and let me know it was not for Her pleasure, as my little clitty does nothing for Her but as a reward. She teased me about cumming to quickly to do much for Her anyway, which of course made me cum in minutes! it was really nice to get away, i treasure those times with Her. Oh and we shopped and got some clothes for me, nothing like a whole outfit yet but some promising pieces.

Life seems good. We both agreed we are happy with where things are at right now. I love my Goddess!!!