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Sunday, July 1, 2012


It has been an interesting week. Very busy for both Goddess and i, Hers at work and mine a little of both work and home - admittedly she was busier than i. I saw my young friend again this week. I dressed in a white skirt and pink top for him, he liked it a lot. The make up was better but still needs work. I did much better deep throating him, and took a pounding from him. I realized part way through the evening that being with a man is a rush and fantasy fulfillment but it is just not the same as being with a woman in terms of overall experience. Or maybe it is just that way with him. i am not terribly attracted to him. He is cute with a nice young fit body and really nice cock but there is no attractive emotional connection. he is nice but still a kid in some ways and not very interesting to me outside of sex. Oh well, still fun! And i am learning from him as he has been with several cross dressers. He has some really good tips and ideas.

As a result of Goddess business busyness we didn't connect much this week, in fact i added to her stress at work - so I felt some distance. I don't blame her at all. But as she reached out to her BF (including a very fun date midweek) and the TC for comfort from the storm it did bring up some struggle with jealousy. We talked through all that and ended up having some really nice sex - i got to cum inside Her yesterday. And be in Her bottom this morning as she came - though i had to pull out and not cum. She has had a few nice orgasms as well. And we had a very nice date night last night. Today she is consumed with work - again I totally understand. She needs to be, She is building Her career right now and taking over a business so being consumed with work is normal, even for a Sunday. But as a result She will reach out to the "harem" again and since i am part of the business there will be distance. Since we had the nice weekend i will struggle less with jealousy regarding Her attention but i do get jealous of not having anyone i can reach out to when i feel a need for connection. We talked through that some as well this week as i struggled with it during the week. i am not sure an easy solution is available, i think in some ways Goddess would like me to have someone - it would relieve Her of the stress of me needing it from Her all the time. But who is the question. She will have to be the one to choose if an outlet for connection is to be chosen for me. i will wait for Her as i am a good sissy!

Overall it is two people who love each other very much adjusting to a new lifestyle - both personal and career. There are ups and downs. I think we both still remain excited about this new life but it is not always easy. But with love, communication, grace and understanding we will move forward and grow in this new life. I love her so much and I believe she loves me the same!