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Sunday, July 29, 2012

More changes...

So Last week I had 3 play times...all with men. I sucked the TC off on his back porch as well as in our basement, the last time resulting in him shooting all over my chest. I also played with my young man and had a very nice fuck from him, very sensual and enjoyable thanks to a little instruction to him from Goddess! It was also a trying week as the TC relationship with Goddess was apparently ratcheted up some. While were both excited by the TC willingness to accept service from me, he became more demanding as he thought he understood what Goddess wanted from him, or rather what she would allow him. I think he misunderstood her pillow talk. I saw the video of the night they shared, it was very erotic and She got him to take on the TC dominating role she wanted.  Unfortunately he took it too far and became demanding. I got jealous, as a sissy does from time to time. Unknown to me the BF also showed some possessiveness toward Goddess on their date.

So when I brought up the jealousy, the feeling of imbalance (she has not dommed me in some time) and the feeling of isolation I was beginning to have Goddess brought up the idea of taking a break, telling all the boys to back off and give us space until we say to start again. So we did. I think for Goddess Her men became too demanding of her time and possessive. Since She has taken over our business She has enough demands on Her time and stress without the men who were supposed to be a pleasant distraction becoming stressful and demanding in their own right. They say timing is everything, in this case it was as both of us felt that it wasn't working. In the past Goddess had said She would not consent to make me her sissy without some "real man" on the side. Which makes sense. I think the man part can be satisfied by 3somes with some well hung men from the website we like so much but she is less excited about 3somes and really loves alone play.

One thing we agree on is we love the "Goddess and sissy" roles. Now we have to figure out how to make it work for us, comfortably and happily with love. 

So now we regroup to make sense of it all, again. But through all this the love and understanding remain strong! I love her so much!!!