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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some exciting changes....

So a recap of the last week. Tuesday the goddess had a date with her favorite lover. They met in a fairly inconvenient place for a quickie. I suggested next time they just come here, which she liked. At first she was a little worried about the attachment she felt to him but that disappeared over the week. They were supposed to get together again Friday but couldn't make it work. She goes back and forth on him. Loves his cock and likes him but there are some issues...I think. Later in the week she saw a guy she met through work twice. She mentioned him in her post as her 'mind fuck". She is out again with him tonight. That one will be interesting as he really charges her and she wants him bad.

As far as our relationship goes as goddess said I am becoming her 'sissy wife' in addition to my role as cuckold. I had intimated or flat out told her before it is a role I desire so we are trying it on. So far she loves it and of course so do I. My ass has been sore due to the previously mentioned issue I went to the emergency room for but she took me tow or three times this weekend anyway as a honeymoon. I have asked her to stay away from my ass for a week or so so I can recover - odd request for a sissy I know. We also have to figure out a good way for her to take me as the feeldoe isn't working for us. I have had several nice 'sissy cums' as well as entering her and cuming once. I am very happy and feel very loved. I also have a desire to shave more than just the pubic region I shave now. Facial hair, leg hair and the little chest hair I have are on my list to go but i await goddess permission as she weighs the idea. She has had me in panties nightly and tried a silk robe and a nighty on me. I feel very loved and accepted by her. She is my goddess!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Goddess takes control

I haven't posted in awhile but feel the need to as we go farther down this road of cukolding.  So many feelings surface - confusion, nervousness, anxiety, that fuels the fire of passion, sexual energy and need to be pleased, worshipped, submitted to, and revered as the powerful, strong goddess I am. 

The last few days have rought emtions pulsing through my entire body.  they literally shoot through my limbs, trunk, abdomen, head, heart, pussy.  I cannot describe it cannot put exact words to it but as I've shared with my cucky a few things have become apparent.  For instance, when I set my sites on another submissive and attempted to seduce him by taking him out on a date my need to dominate was even more obvious, my love for getting worshipped and his attentiveness reminded me of this.  Even though he turned me down, he is very interested in doing anything else but consummate.  I call him my mindfuck because its like fucking my mind which as a powerful goddess, I also need. 

Yesterday my cucky and I talked about the feelings for this other submissive.  I finally embraced the last plea of my favorite submissive to let him be my wife.  To take this to another level.  The amount of energy and wetness that brought in to our time in bed was staggering.  As we rubbed each other and whispered to each other about what I was going to do to him and what he wanted the excitement and closeness was amazingly over the top.  We were going to a work function that I needed an escort for and I wanted to take my wife not my mindfuck.  I told him I wanted to take my wife on a date that night and I wanted her to support me and be the bubbly, friendly wooer of people as we tried to mingle and schmooze for our business' sake.  I told her throughout the night, I wanted her to tell me what a strong, powerful goddess I was.  Then, I would bring her home and dress her in lingerie and fuck her in the ass while I let her rub her clit.  Of course, based on our last post you know why she resisted this.  Instead after a long night and her she doing a wonderful job at being the supportive wife I wanted and told me all throughout the night at various times how sexy, powerful and strong I was I put her panties and held her in bed. 

So today was a whole different type of feeling.  Same pulsating energy but after I was hit on and flattered by a girl friend of ours who would be the perfect femsub type that I want to find some day.  My problem is I've never been with a woman so I am nervous and scared to attempt it.  I don't know the first thing about dominating a woman but desire to very much.  It comes natural with a man and women throughout my entire life have always seemd to want me to dominate them so it should feel natural but does not.  This little gal would be perfect and she also acts like she would throw herself in my arms if I asked.  Freaks my shit out.  The power and strentgh of my sexuality.  I almost fear the monster I could create if I embrace it. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Link to wife and friend video fixed

Below is the link to the video of my wife with her friend from our hamster page. Sorry the old link didnt work. If anyone can tell me how to embed an xhmaster video instead of just linking I would appreciate it.

my wife with friend from Feb. video

Monday, April 9, 2012

Complete panic....

So first off we have decided to go back to her being the goddess and me the cuckold or at least the submissive hubby for now. Me doming or switching just didn't carry the energy of her being in charge over the long term an we both felt a little lost. We have made some adjustments - for now no real cuckolding for one. Also we are really trying to be casual about her being in charge. She takes it when she wants it, I wear panties pretty much all the time at home but if she doesn't feel like "dommeing" then she doesn't - we just hang out normally. This takes a lot of pressure off her, also I am less needy about being a sub - just relaxing in panties and being ready to submit as she desires. Seems to be working so far. The cuckolding may come back later. I think we would both like to find the right partner for the cuckolding, one who will play along with us. She has no problem finding men to fuck her at all. (BTW I will be adding a video link for her latest session with her favorite) but it is less fulfilling for her if I am not involved. Also we have to fave the reality that her libido isn't what it used to be, thought going back to the femdom seems to bring it back quite a bit.

So this brings us to Saturday morning. Goddess loves Saturday morning sex. Nice and relaxing. Our youngest was sleeping at a friends and our teenager was blissfully asleep in his room. We settled in fro some nice play and we were both enjoying it immensely. I had given her a nice orgasm and she was teasing me and putting a vibrator in my ass. I have to say it felt REALLY good! She was putting me in 7th heaven. I was asking deeper, deeper, begging really. The all the sudden it felt like it slipped out. I reached back and felt for it and asked "where is it"? Then came 3 words that i will never forget."Its inside you". At first I was confused since I was feeling my own closed sphincter - then sheer panic. At this point in fairness to Goddess I have to say in her mind this was not a problem. Whenever she put something in my ass, my ass would push it back out eventually. Of course in my mind I knew this was a problem - sheer panic ensued. I realized it had slipped deep in me, I could feel it buzzing away inside me. "Oh my god, ohh my god, oh my god....." was all I could get out. The look on my face told her something was terribly wrong. It wasnt coming out. I reached for it to no avail, my fingers were bloody. I began to pee myself in panic and desperation reaching for it and trying desperately to push it out. No luck. I got on the toilet and tried some more, nope. At this point we are both near tears. I am one freaked out little sissy and as the president and owner of a business she has never seen me freaked out - now she is panicking. She starts to call 911, I tell her no i dont want our son to see this. She explains to him we will be out for a while - he is still sleeping but wakes up enough for her to tell him, he is high school aged so no biggie being home alone.We hop in the car and head to the emergency room. Now I am passed panic - I am not going to die - but am really not wanting to go through this. We get in the door and the nice old lady asks why we are there. I tell her quite plainly "I have a vibrator stuck in my ass". I could have said it differently I suppose but there it was. Thankfully from then on NO ONE asked us why we were there. I saw probably 12 different health care workers that day. Nurses, xray techs, doctors, interns....and everyone knew why I was there. There were 2 unsuccessful attempts to get it out - one with me bent over a bench, no pain killers my ass being stretched by a doctor with 3 people in the room. Yah I have had fantasies like that but this didn't live up to any of them - it was brutal. The nurse apologized after that attempt. Finally I ended up in an OR completely out and had it removed. When I went under I was not sure if they could get it out without cutting me open - 50/50 I was told - but thankfully they did, no knife. But man is my ass sore - still. They told us the vibrator died in surgery but I had no plans on seeing that thing again - no matter how much joy it had brought me over the years.

So Rich, I felt your pain when you posted last week. I hope this makes you feel a little better.

Here is Goddess latest video.

 Sorry the pics have little to do with the story, I just liked them!