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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some exciting changes....

So a recap of the last week. Tuesday the goddess had a date with her favorite lover. They met in a fairly inconvenient place for a quickie. I suggested next time they just come here, which she liked. At first she was a little worried about the attachment she felt to him but that disappeared over the week. They were supposed to get together again Friday but couldn't make it work. She goes back and forth on him. Loves his cock and likes him but there are some issues...I think. Later in the week she saw a guy she met through work twice. She mentioned him in her post as her 'mind fuck". She is out again with him tonight. That one will be interesting as he really charges her and she wants him bad.

As far as our relationship goes as goddess said I am becoming her 'sissy wife' in addition to my role as cuckold. I had intimated or flat out told her before it is a role I desire so we are trying it on. So far she loves it and of course so do I. My ass has been sore due to the previously mentioned issue I went to the emergency room for but she took me tow or three times this weekend anyway as a honeymoon. I have asked her to stay away from my ass for a week or so so I can recover - odd request for a sissy I know. We also have to figure out a good way for her to take me as the feeldoe isn't working for us. I have had several nice 'sissy cums' as well as entering her and cuming once. I am very happy and feel very loved. I also have a desire to shave more than just the pubic region I shave now. Facial hair, leg hair and the little chest hair I have are on my list to go but i await goddess permission as she weighs the idea. She has had me in panties nightly and tried a silk robe and a nighty on me. I feel very loved and accepted by her. She is my goddess!!!

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