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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Follow up on "Teasing"

As you recall, an old friend was lured to our house for a good teasing then sent home with no reward because he refused to ask for anything that he REALLY wanted.  The next evening however, he was blowing up sissy's phone with thoughts of things he wanted to do with us.  Revolving guessed it...dominance.  I dominating he and sissy for an evening.  Sissy obediently gave him my cell number so he could text me all the things he REALLY wanted to do.  (I am a generous goddess I just need to hear from my servants what they want. Otherwise, they get nothing unless I want/choose to give it to them.)    Thus began a night of texting back and forth until 2 a.m!  Of course, I had a very fun time with sissy in the mean time.  I danced for her, (she loves being reminded of the fact that she cannot have me like a real man can or does) and teased her clitty and pussy.  During this session was texting back and forth with old friend.   He told me everything he would like to do to me including raping my soul which was a favorite.  He got to "see" my body for the first time including a close up of my pussy which he loved and I loved teasing him with the photos.  I ordered him to send me a photo of his cock which he shyly exclaimed he'd never done before but of course, did anyway.  As the texting wrapped up, I quickly found out however, that he liked the idea of dominance but was less submissive than I would like.  I told him my fantasy as described in my earlier post called "Teasing".  He thought that sounded amazing and I concurred.  We shall see what happens.  Stay tuned.... 

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