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Monday, May 28, 2012


Yesterday, I had a fun time teasing sissy and an old friend.  This old friend didn't know exactly where we were at sexually but "had his suspicions."  I wanted to tease sissy with the possibility that I would out her and I knew this friend thought I was hot and wanted to fuck me so I decided to invite him over.  I told sissy I wanted us to "feel" him out and decide how much we wanted to share.  You see, he could be a good fit for my sissy to talk to as well as myself to dominate.  He is kind of a malesub or sissy who doesn't realize yet that he is a sissy.  I know my sissy would enjoy bringing him out and I would enjoy another malesub /goddess worshipper to bring into my harem.  I really enjoyed teasing this friend to the point of bursting.  He almost blurted out his intentions but remained reserved.  Because of his inability to be honest with us and beg for what he wanted, I didn't reward him.  I instead sent him home hard and telling us he will think about cigars and domination all night.  I would love to tease this friend with an invitation first to poker or chess at our house.  Then show up at the door in a naughty outfit showing skin and control the rest of the evening.  I know he will jump to conclusions thinking I want to have sex with him.  That will make it all the more fun to then dominate him, sit him down and tell him to play poker and I will be serving himself and my sissy all night.  build anticipation, tease him.  then send him home again, without having touched me let alone been able to cum.


  1. Wow Goddess that was hot! I enjoyed the day as well and the night that followed. Thank you Goddess!

  2. Yes, it is hot. But as a sissy, take this as you might, but you may well want to have a more Dominant position when you invite this guy over. I'm sure he wants you, and is putty in your hands. So interesting you have him so *nailed* as to his inclinations!
    I'd humbly suggest if you invite him over, you have your sissy serve you two... and he'll be teased *plenty*(ha, to bursting! I love that!)... Hoping naughty outfit is more of a dom-based one that keeps him guessing...

    1. Point taken sissy. Thank you for humbly suggesting it. He would love a teasing and for me to dominate he and my sissy. I will be blogging an update about this post very soon. Stay tuned...

  3. I love your blog. Do you mind if I list on my new blog site as one that I follow? My new site is Leeanne's Sissy Musings and is located at
    I also have a new tumblr site at

    I look forward to hearing back from you.



  4. Please do Leanne. I will check yours out as well!