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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Goddess training

I am now Goddess full time while my sissy is well, a sissy about 75% of the time which makes it rough on her.  The transition to full time Goddess was easy for me to begin and continue to practice but for my sissy, the transition is much harder and more impossible at times.  For instance, I can feel confident and be in charge with little physical changes.  My sissy cannot physically show her submission through dress, make up and wig all the time or quite as easily like she would like to.  Because of this inequality in the "sexual ecomony" as we call it, my boyfriend (formerly known as my mind fuck) visits, texting with him and dates have had to be limited to what is comfortable for my sissy (texting during the day during the week only, and two visits per week one social and one sexual). 

This parameter is doing something interesting however, for my "Goddess training" as I call it.  I realized my boyfriend was really helping me through this transition and was like my role model in being the Dom.  Now that my communication is limited I am looking for other outlets to support my new dominant role.  Such as when I am home enjoying my weekend, I will enjoy a cigar and a drink whenever I damn well feel like it.  Embracing the role of the bread winner who needs to relax and rejuvenate during her weekend.  My sissy serves me and plays look out for our children (I don't want them to see me smoking).  This drives my feelings of dominance and my sissy's desire to be submissive to me in an uncanny way. 

This morning I put a 9 inch (and counting) dildo in her pussy and made her rub herself off on a pillow, a very humiliating behavior for my sissy.  Tonight, I put a plug in her pussy and told her she could have play time and had 30 minutes before it was time for bed.  As soon as I finish my Goddess time I will put her to bed.  Next time I think I should put her to bed then go out and have Goddess time.  Hmmmm, next date with my boyfriend I think I will do that.

The "Goddess training" has been stepped up a notch with the inability to rely solely on my boyfriend to inpsire my dominance and is more about me drawing from my inner strength and desire to be dominant.  Even without an extremely high libido right now, I am enjoying dominating, humiliating and being Goddess.


  1. Goddess-- Ha ha, picturing you with your drink and your stogie, enjoying the weekend!! :)
    Love having sissy filled up and making her rub herself off on pillow... humiliating, and something that has not happened here! Ooh! ;) Did she have to sleep on the pillowcase? :)
    Yes, a plug is a useful device when doing my "chores" around the house, as well.