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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Shelly's training

Have had a low libido lately.  Between being sick and the female cycles I am truly a Goddess in that I get whatever I want when I want especially in these times when Shelly, boyfriend and trophy cock all have to suffer through with me and simply enjoy my presence devoid (sometimes totally) of sex.  However, sexuality is always there and all understand as they are wonderful worshippers as would only exit in my harem. 

I have continued Shelly's sissy training if though the above mentioned situation exists.  We are on Day 6 and we've covered items we've already done or explored like shaving, naming, duties, etc. However, the items we haven't explored but I needed for Shelly to explore was the sissy attitude and exploration of her feminine side.  That has been intriguing and perfectly timed since I have been more introspective myself.  I am training her in getting in touch with what she feels and with her reasons for wanting and/or being a sissy.  It has been wonderful and when she fights back now, I remind her of her tarining and then proceed to crop her ass and stand her in the corner.  I have sent Stallion pictures of this and asked him to help me in the training.  Two heads are better than one after all...


  1. Goddess- wow. Training is moving forward on all fronts!!

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