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Monday, October 3, 2011

A slow down

So PMS has struck. She never did hook up with the guy. She saw him again but the fact that we played out the story so much combined with the beginning of pms meant she did not even try anything with him. Oh well there is always another time. Sex has stopped as well. Period arrived tonight, sometimes that gets her going so we will see.

She did give me a very nice hand job the other night. We had been out to a function and she was pmsing bad. A woman hit on me, nice looking lady probably 10 yrs younger than me. I am a good looking man so this isnt unusal but it pissed her off that night. Then we sat at a table with a woman my age who was a knock out. She had a very sexy dress on that showed off some nice boobies. I was feeling no pain 3 bourbons into the night so I had fun chatting her up. She was married as was her friend sitting with her. I think mostly I annoyed both of them, well all 3 really including my queen. This lead, after some detours, to our couch and a ball slapping penis hitting hand job while watching entourage. Wow it was good. BTW my queen was way hotter than either woman really but boys will be boys I suppose.

So I decided since I didnt have anything juicy to share I would share a few good pics off the web, enjoy! These are a few of my favorite things!

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