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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

my very small penis

The photo below is, of course my small penis. My wife calls it my little pee pee. One thing that has become clear over the years as we go in and out of different sexual places is that my penis is well below average and unacceptable to her. She gets no real sexual satisfaction from it. She told me a couple months ago she realizes it is no longer just something she says to humiliate me it is reality, my penis does not create any pleasure being inside her. Combined with trouble getting hard and cumming within a minute of entering her, there is nothing i can offer in the way of penetration. She likes me to walk around with my little pee pee sticking out of my jammies like this because she thinks its cute.  She plays with it, teases it or slaps it when she is in the mood.

Below is a real mans penis. The body and penis look a lot like her latest stud. He is very attractive and while he doesn't last for hours he can go several times a night lasting in total a couple hours with time in between for them to fondle and chat. She really enjoys this. I am not allowed to watch, only listen at times. Other times she plays with him alone and comes back to share bits and pieces.

So I apologize for the long break. I will be posting more often as goddess mommy desires I do this and share my humiliation, also a new thing for her.


  1. Oh my, quite the obvious difference!
    sara e

  2. I would like to invite you to my blog as well! I would be so happy if we support each other on GFC, Google+ and maybe Bloglovin.
    Greetings Felina, who likes your blog

  3. my little thing is worthless, just like yours. one reason I love being a sissy is that size doesn't matter sissy clitty only gets used to inflict pain and ridicule and I like it this way

  4. wow-your dick appears little-i too am a submissive husband (since 2010)-i've often denied and was becoming a premature ejaculator after several extended denial periods-led to me starting to feel inadequate and then cuckold fantasies… not sure i could actually take it if she did cuck me-andy