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Thursday, November 17, 2011

new fantasy

I had not thought much about this since I didnt think she was interested. But she mentioned the other night during sex that she wanted to be "pimped out" by me. So I suggested a large black man. She liked the idea. We spoke of it later and she is interested in trying one or more BBC. Now the idea is really turning me on. We also discussed her bi fantasies. I really hope I get to watch her with another woman. That has always been a fantasy.


  1. Yea, have to agree, the girls on the bed is definitely "awesome", But I also think that they'll be a lotta white girls stopped dead in their tracks when they see pic #4. Let's just say a whole lotta thoughts are gonna be "thunk" when they see this. There's no denying, us guys do a little to much thinking with our little head... but we all know the ladies also have a little head between their legs that occasionally sends them off in the wrong direction... usually after contemplating a picture like this. I think there might be more than a few women that wouldn't mind at all the beautiful mess he'd make of their pussy. I'd kinda like to see that myself.

  2. On one had I'm very happy with my life. On the other I so want to be a cuck husband. The wife would never go for it. But in my imagination she loves it. Bringing home her big black cock of the night where it is my job to get it hard for her and to get her "warmed-up" for it. Of course she denies me any access to her pussy, ass or mouth with my cock. It's all about her bbc lover. Not only am I required to watch, I am require to video tape and take close up pics of his enormous pole pounding her dripping hole. He bursts a nut into her enough to fill a shot glass. I should know. I am required to catch every drop that oozes from her sweet lips in a shot glass, drink it and tell them both how much I love drinking black cum because I am a "cum loving little sissy slut".

    I don't know exactly when such a dream started turning me on but I think about it often and I find blogs like this one... and, yes, I jerk off mightily every time.