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Friday, February 3, 2012

getting deeper into the play time

So the last couple weeks after our visit with the friend have been interesting. We have had some deep conversations about our roles in all this. We are both very committed to moving forward and we are both feeling closer than ever to each other. We both wonder about the roles slipping into every day life, which we both agree is somewhat inevitable. One thing we both noticed was how much sexual activity we are having. I say activity and not sex because it doesn't usually end in normal penetration any more. When it does, which has been a couple times recently, I usually come very quickly. Once this week she wanted me in her ass but as she began to line my cock up with her asshole the rubbing around was too much and I came. She whipped me with the crop for that, which has also become more frequent. The next night I finally made it into her ass, after being in her pussy a while, but didn't last long at all.

She has expressed worry that I cant penetrate her like I used to. Neither of us know if it is a phase or will be a normal part of this new life. I wish I could penetrate and last like I used to but it does feel natural to me to not be able to like I used to as well. Odd huh? This morning she was feeling that way so I suggested the strap on. She smiled, she hadn't thought of that. I put it on and was passionate with her like I used to be and she came very quickly from my finger. I then fucked her for a while with the strap on, she loved it. Funny thing my semi flaccid cock came from the friction of the harness and the excitement of how I was making her feel. 

Earlier this week we went shopping and picked me out some new panties, now I have 6-7 pair - I am really happy about this. I cant wait to wear them all. We also bought adult diapers in my size. I wore one last night, we played some but we got tired and it didn't go anywhere. I went to bed with the diaper on. I woke up having to pee and really wanted to pee in the diaper but just couldn't do it in bed. So I got up and went into the bathroom and peed in the diaper standing up. It felt wonderful.I went back to bed and told "mommy" I had wet myself. She was very good to me and got me up to get changed and cleaned up. She enjoyed it as well but was too tired to do anything with it. We will play with that some more. This morning, before the play time, we talked about it and she enjoyed hearing the details of it.

She told me tonight that she has never been truly satisfied by any man including me until she met her favorite lover last year. He was the first to really satisfy her. What she was getting at was giving her real hard fucking with a large cock, a fuck that could really rock her world. At first I was hurt for a moment but then I realized the truth of it. Those men, bulls, are different than most. They give her and many other women something they crave. that good hard big cock fucking. I want her to have this and obviously I cant giver it to her, never could. So I am happy to see her get it from other men. We have a date lined up for next weekend with a man who looks very promising. His cock is 81/2 inches and very thick, he claims he can go for a very long time and he likes being dominant. Plus he is a bigger guy which she likes. He is not bi so I will be just watching but I am excited about it. She also has her favorite coming up the end of this month. She is looking forward to both.


  1. Great story accompanied by some awesome photos depicting the humiliation of a "lesser man". :)

  2. yes i have total cock sizeenvy and jealousy of all well hung bull studs and especially uncircumcised bulls with large ballsacks full of their seed hangging!!

  3. Very cute panties, you need to shave around the panty line, it also will look better