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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I have not cum for a week. She has never made me wait this long before and I certainly have never gone this long on my own before. If left to my own devices an orgasm a day is minimum and 3 is more typical. Of course I cum small amounts - cliche but very true. And I typically cum soft or mostly so. But I cum, the orgasm feels so wonderful even limp like a sissy. I know when she lets me cum it will be ruined....just leaking out. I should be happy she has never taken an interest in denying me before and I have always enjoyed the fantasy of it and the anticipation. She seems very into it now - to my pleasure and chagrin.

Goddess and I are meeting the the last bull pictured in the previous post some night this week. She seems excited. I am excited as well as we haven never had a real bull before and he seems to fit the part and enjoys being one. He wants me involved, there to watch and be I really should be more careful of what I wish for....

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