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Sunday, February 8, 2015

a true cuckold experience...

Last week she was supposed to meet the new bull, the first real bull in our lives - the one who will enjoy taking her in front of me and humiliating me while he does it. He ended up putting us off for a week. But goddess new favorite lover happened to text her that day so we set up to meet him. This would be a new thing, they had played in front of me one other time - the first time. But it was just me watching no humiliation or real cuckolding sissy stuff. The other times they have played it has been just the two of them somewhere. She coached him on what she was looking for - bull like things to do. So we met at a hotel room. They almost immediately were on each other in a deep embrace peeling each other clothes off. His magnificent cock was hard as iron by the time she got it out of his boxers. They made their way to the bedroom and i followed still dressed. I sat in a chair as directed by goddess and pulled off my jeans exposing my very sissy Andrew Christian undies. Goddess would occasionally turn and humiliate me as would her lover - he took to her coaching very well, she was pleased. At one point she beckoned me to her and took my semi limp lil penis in her mouth. She then proceeded to slap my penis and balls even grabbing my balls and squeezing them very hard - the pain was intense. When her lover saw this she told him "his pain is my pleasure". They made love for about two hours with him cumming twice. Their lovemaking was very passionate, something she said she had decided not to hide from me - which is why i call it lovemaking not sex or fucking. They had an intermission where they chatted, caressed, fondled and made out leading to a deep embrace where he fingered her and she stroked him getting him ready for round two. At one point during the intermission I left the room - i felt like they deserved/needed some privacy as they chatted and caressed.

I didn't cum that night and I still haven't as I type this. I have given goddess several orgasms since, she seems very horny since that night. I of course have relived the night often in the few days since, it is very fresh in my mind. When i think about that night all the humiliation, jealousy and pain come rushing back. It was hard to watch but those feelings quickly give way to lust, joy and a deep feeling of love want and desire for goddess...she looked amazingly beautiful that night being fucked by her lover who is a very good looking stud with a swimmers taught muscular body.

Mostly right now I just really want to such is the life of a sissy cuckold...


  1. Fantastic Blog...Thanks!

  2. This is wonderful writing...thanks so much for sharing it with us. Amazingly eloquent and emotionally intelligent

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  4. You can read or listen to over 14 cuckold books written by girls, and in audio also by the girls, fun to read or listen to, you can see them at, they are pretty fun to listen to.

  5. Watching really never gets old. I am still amazed of how my wife handles her lover and the pleasure that she and he get from one another. They still enjoy talking to me during and in between love making as a means of keeping me excited and humiliated, which still gets my sissy juices dripping. Thank you for the well written interesting blog.

  6. I would love to experience that!