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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

letter from a bull

The picture above and letter below are from a new bull we met online. We haven't met in person yet but I am thinking it will happen soon and I am looking forward to it. I think goddess is as well. She gets so busy its hard for her to make a lot of time for play but I know she needs it.

This is what is going to happen. We will all be on the same bed. You will be wearing your prettiest panties and you will be sitting up with your back against the headboard. You will watch your wife and I kiss and slowly strip each other's clothes off our bodies in front of you. Then, I am going to stand on the bed and straddle you with my cock in front of your face. 

Your wife is going to crawl up on the side of you and whisper into your ear while she is stroking your cock. She is going to tell you to make me hard with your tongue. She's going to tell you to lick my balls. She's going to tell you to suck my cock and take as much of me in your mouth as you can. All this time she's going to be telling you what a real man I am. She's going to be asking you why can't your cock to be as big as mine. She's going to ask you why you can't fuck her like her lovers can. And all this time she will be stroking your cock through your panties. She is going to get you close but she is not going to let you cum. 

After you have made me hard, I am going to give you a condom and tell you to put it on me so I can fuck your wife. 

I am going to position ourselves at the foot of the bed crosswise so you can watch my cock enter your wife's beautiful pussy. I am going to ask you if you can see how wide by thick cock stretches your wife's pussy. Stretches is it like you can't because you are so small. 

When I am getting close to cumming, I am going to put her on her hands and knees facing you so she can touch your cock through your panties. We are both going to be asking you why you can't fuck her like I am. She's going to be stroking your cock, maybe she'll even lick the head of your cock. I will be holding her hips and fucking her hard and deep, looking straight at you while I am doing this to her. She is going to stroke and rub your cock until you cum. Until you dribble your tiny little amount of cum and it soaks through your pretty panties.

Then I am going to have your wife lay on her back facing you with her legs spread open so you can see her wet pussy. I am going to kneel to the side of her, take off my condom, and jerk off onto her pussy. I want you to see how much a real man can cum. And then, she's going to tell you to be a good little boy and lick all of my cum off her pussy.

Hmmmm sounds very humiliating and sexy.....not sure if I am worried or excited, lol of course in the end the sissy wins out and I am excited to lick that sexy bull cum off her!