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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Our first Bull

First I apologize to our bull, he expected this done sooner I think and I have been tardy.

Going back a little over a week ago we met the new bull, the one who wrote the letter I posted, for a drink. We sat in a quiet little bar in a booth. One thing that really mattered would be goddess' first impression. It was favorable, she found him attractive - tall, manly with a handsome face. She also liked his mannerisms, he was easy to speak with and pleasant, he was direct and forceful but not pushy, he was gentlemanly but also very obvious and direct in his desire for her - she loved that. And she loved that he was seductive in front of me, wooing her in front of her sissy hubby. They talked and laughed, I joined in at times but mostly watched. He eventually rubbed her pussy under her dress as we sat in the booth. She opened her legs willingly for him and showed him her bare pussy. She put her hand on his cock and rubbed it through his pants. The night was cut shorter than both wanted as we had to get back for a sitter. On the way out she exposed her breast to him on command and he sucked it in the doorway. Plans were quickly made to meet again. That night she allowed me to enter her and cum inside her pussy. As is the case now it didn't last long and she didn't receive any real physical pleasure.

We ended up meeting for play the following week, last week. It was mid week so it wouldn't be able to be a long play time as we would have to get back for a sitter. We pulled up front and valet parked. We walked in without luggage or a reservation and requested a room for the night. Goddess loved it, we looked carefree and mysterious, we told the valet we would be back for the car before morning. She looked so hot. I am sure they thought us lovers in for a rendezvous, part of me wished it the case - to be her lover, the one who would make her feel like a woman, make her feel alive and passionate. She knew the truth and loved it being her secret - this handsome man wasn't her lover but her sissy, under her spell, her control. Her lover would be joining her soon enough. It was a nice powerful end to a stressful day for her. My stressful day would wind down with complete submission and humiliation.

He came into the room shortly later, I was drinking my scotch with the thirst of a sissy knowing things would be soon out of his control. Goddess sat easily sipping water, she had had one drink already and was in just the right mood. They greeted and soon were kissing hungrily. Goddess described him later to me as a very good kisser. He began removing her clothes and stood her in front of me. He kissed her on the back of the neck and fondled her, squeezing her breasts in his big manly hands. She loves having a man behind her like this, it is a big favorite, she was putty in his hands. The kissing on the back of the neck is one of her buttons, she purred. She looked at me, she smiled, she looked content, strong, superior, happy. We all knew our place in this moment. She liked showing me mine. As did he. He rubbed her pussy and made me taste the juices on his fingers. She reached back and rubbed his cock and moaned lightly as he humiliated me with words, telling me what he would soon be doing to her. He had me strip to my panties as he showed me my place. At some point his cock was out, it was magnificent. It is very thick and over 7 inches long. I sucked it on command, I loved it and hated that I loved it so much. I wanted to pleasure him, pleasure that amazing sexy cock. I wanted to taste his cum. I sucked greedily. They kissed as I sucked him, they made fun of me and laughed, he fondled and enjoyed her body as I sucked. Still I sucked, enjoying his cock trying to ignore my humiliation. He stopped me and went back to focusing on her alone. I was humiliated and turned on beyond measure. I sat and drank scotch but was not allowed to touch myself. Soon they drifted to the bedroom of the suite. I waited until called, I was allowed to rub myself in my panties as I waited. I finished my scotch as I did. Listening.

I entered the bedroom and sat as commanded in a chair at the foot of the bed. They were naked and playing. He ate her pussy and gave her a nice orgasm as a warm up. She humiliated me by saying he had replaced the one last thing I did well, licking her. Now I would have nothing left to give her she couldn't get elsewhere. He put a condom on and began to fuck her. I watched as she enjoyed him filling her, her hands roamed his body. He has a lean strong body. He was in the military for many years and his body is athletic and strong, moderately hairy, very manly. She was enjoying feeling it against her. The look in her eyes told me she was very much enjoying him. They focused on each other, only occasionally talking to me as they switched positions. Soon he came, shooting on to her pussy. I was made to lick it up. They both loved this. She would tell me later how hot it was to feel me licking it off her pussy. They kissed and held each other as I did. Then I was made to lick him clean as well. Again they cuddled and kissed as I did. Enjoying each other as I cleaned them. I felt humiliated by all of this of course. My little penis throbbed in my panties, I struggled with how much I enjoyed it as I licked up his cum and then sucked his cock. I sometimes describe hating myself for how mow much I enjoy the humiliation of being a sissy, it is difficult to describe liking something so much, craving it when it isn't present and being angry with myself for loving it so much when it is in front of me. Goddess told me later she was surprised I reacted so well, for the first time I watched a man make her cum, fuck her with his far superior cock making her feel like I never could, all while he said humiliating things to me - yet I licked up his cum and sucked his cock like he was my lover not hers. She said that when she saw that it confirmed in her mind I was truly a sissy at heart, not just pretending to be one for her. After he recovered a little he made me lie down on the bed and he leaned over me and fucked my mouth with his thick cock. Goddess rubbed me in my panties as they talked, laughed at how much I was enjoying it goddess rubbed me in my panties. I didn't care about the laughter, I was enjoying being fucked in the mouth by this stud. I took his cock deep into my throat, goddess was very proud of how I took him. We weren't able to play much longer and it ended before we could make him cum again.

It was a very erotic experience for Goddess and I. Our first real bull. He is such a stud, he knows just what we are looking for and is able to give it to us. We are both excited to see him again, soon. Goddess has talked about it many times in the last few days. There was one moment where in the middle of fucking Goddess got up to use the RR. He came over to me and had me stroke him to keep him hard. He said humiliating things to me, yet my mouth watered for his cock. I wanted to suck him badly. He noticed this and humiliated me for it. It was extremely intense for me. There is a kind of hangover for me, after this intense night, I struggle with my feelings. Goddess helps keep me clear, reminds me who I am, who I should be for her and for us. Her sissy cuckold.