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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


So my new chastity device arrived today. I have had cb6000 for some time but never really got the hang of wearing it and frankly when I did it wasnt attractive. Its too big, go figure, my penis slips out the crack and it makes my balls ache. Plus the plastic just isnt attractive. But it didnt really matter as Goddess wasnt that into it either and never insisted I wear it. Until recently, Goddess has a renewed interest in chastity, she saw some pics on my tumblr feed and was smitten with the idea. I know sounds like the plot of how many porn stories, she saw it on my porn history, tumblr feed etc...but there you have it. So I shopped for something I would find more comfortable and she would find attractive. Enter the bird cage by mature metals. Very sexy metal design, she loved it. So after 5 weeks of hand crafting it arrived today and its on me now.
So first off, way more comfortable than the cb. Second it looks like it fits me, as small as I am and you can get them even smaller but only by 1/2" which I could have but I wanted a little room to stretch for his little morning chubby. Of course in no way can I reach my full 3.5" hardness but thats the point right? Btw if you do order one of these get the sizing rings to get the right fit, I would have had no idea but with the rings I think I did well. You can customize length, girth, rings they build it just for you which I really liked. Very helpful answering questions as well, I had too many but sissy's are prone to asking a lot of questions right?

So now how do I feel. Initially it is very erotic. It is holding my penis which has now started to fill the cage more fully. But I am unable to touch myself so I cant fully enjoy the eroticism and now the reality of denial is starting to set in. The ability to rub my penis in my panties is gone, you have no idea how much I love doing that....looking at porn and rubbing.....its gone.

I will update of course. Also our Bull has re-entered the picture. Goddess is interested in him playing some role in further sissifying me. I have no idea what the role for him will be but I hope it involves me sucking his magnificent cock.

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