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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A new level of humiliation

The other night we were at a couples house, some friends of ours and another couple was there as well. We were playing a game, having drinks. During the game my wife drew a card that said "micro penis". The point of the game is to play the card during a time it describes and end to a proposition proposed by another card played - I honestly forget the name of the game. Anyway I read a proposition and cards were handed to me from each of the others around the table. I then had to read the cards. I forget the proposition but the humiliation of reading the card, given to me - I knew since I read it as she handed it to me - by my wife was humiliating. She could have used the card when someone else had to read it or never played it at all but she chose to make me read it aloud. And how the fuck does she happen to get that card?? Understand a man penis size is part of his identity, much as women worry about their looks men are trained from childhood that your cock is part of who you are - Alpha or beta. To add to my silent humiliation one of the other wives blurted out - "oh my God have you ever actually seen a micro penis?? If you have you never want to see it again" and laughed. My wife joined in the laughter. I froze, red faced. I hoped no one noticed and tried to move on as unawkwardly as I could. Now to be fair to my wife she will say on occasion when she is feeling kind and my humiliation isn't her aim - "you don't really have a micro penis". But as the post I did on micro penises showed, it is splitting hairs to say that I don't. We both know this, believe me.

I was in bed alone last night and this whole scene replayed itself in my head. Goddess is out of town this week. My pee pee (she likes me to call it that) tingled and I rubbed it as I ran it over in my mind again. Humiliation is a powerful aphrodisiac for me. Remembering the look on the pretty woman s face as she laughingly humiliated my tiny penis without knowing it made my pee pee tingle to the point of wanting to cum. But I obediently resisted and edged only. We talked later on the phone and she gave me permission to cum.

I laid in bed rubbing and it made me drift to the humiliations Goddess likes to torture me with. Her favorite and most often employed is making me wait to cum for a week then humiliating me as I finally cum. She only allows me to cum on Saturdays. She makes me wait all week for it. During the week she likes me to rub against her leg with my pee pee in my undies as we cuddle. She smiles at me amused as I enjoy the edging against her. it is humiliating but by mid week I am desperate for the touching. She will occasionally play with my pee pee in my panties, teasing it watching my face. This brings a shower of praise from me, worshiping her with my words telling her how amazing and beautiful she is. On Saturday morning she will kiss and play with me, sometimes having me rub or lick her off. by the time she is ready to let me cum I am on the edge of explosion. Occasionally she will just lay there and make me rub against her while she watches with amusement as I try desperately to cum rubbing against her leg. She smiles sweetly but says nothing, i am humiliated an anxious desperate little boy trying to pleasure himself. She loves this. When I finally cum it is usually in my panties, sometimes by her hand sometimes by her leg.

Occasionally she will allow me to attempt to enter her on these mornings. This can be the most deeply humiliating of all. By the time she allows me to try I have a weeks worth of cum built up and she has been playing with me for an hour. I am a hair trigger waiting to go off. Often I am only half hard at best, I try my best to push into her wet pussy but it is difficult and typically I cum trying to push in, my seed spent on the entrance to the most wonderful pussy in the world. It is hard to describe how deep the humiliation is. Even though I have done this countless times i still apologize. She responds with "its ok we both know your just a sissy and that's what sissy's do". The times I am hard she often will make a comment about it not being worth it and make me cum by her hand. Or she will get in a position that makes it very hard for me to enter her - like on her side with me behind her. Due to my small short pee pee I struggle to push it in. The humiliation and the friction of the struggle again often lead me to cum at the entrance of her amazing pussy.

These humiliations lead me to a deep need for her, for her nurture and her love. I am like a little boy, humiliated, bruised and I need my mommy to nurture me - to make me OK. She loves this, its a big part of why she humiliates me. She wants to reinforce this relationship. Me the little boy needing mommy and her the loving Goddess nurturing me and taking in all my worship. To say she gets off on humiliating me is to not fully express the experience for her. For both of us really. For her there is physical excitement in it, even if she doesn't have me get her off she gets wet doing it. But it is deeper. it makes her powerful, she feels strong and in control of me. She feels confident in her role as Goddess and she feels vindicated in fucking all the men she has and will fuck. For me similarly for reasons I cant describe it makes my pee pee tingle and makes me want to rub it. But it also makes me feel small, feckless, unable to pleasure a woman. This cements in my mind her need for men, real men with big hard cocks to please her. And my need for her, her acceptance and love, her nurture.

I read a story the other night about a cuckold. He described pleasuring his wife's ass with his mouth. Using his mouth to lovingly worship, lick and pleasure the dirtiest part of her. She talks to him as he does it, asking him how stinky it is, how it tastes, telling him she knows how dirty it must be down there where she shits. It is for him an act of submission, willing humiliation. I often will get on my knees and kneel behind her at the bathroom sink at night as she get ready for bed. I will kiss her undies and her booty. I will search for signs that she wants me to go further and I will pull her panties down slowly and continue my worship on her bare bottom. I work my way into her cheeks and lick her hole getting it wet and clean before I push my tongue in deep. I hadn't connected with it before but it is an act of purposeful self humiliation. I am showing her my submission, that the dirtiest part of her is fit to be worshiped with my mouth.

I feel similarly about the Bull. I enjoy his humiliating texts, even look forward to them. I enjoy sucking his big cock in my panties. Telling him how wonderful it tastes and feels. There is no emotional connection, not any deep one anyway but in submitting to him and being humiliated by him it reinforces my place and his.

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  1. Hi sissy wife!

    That was really quite some humiliation, especially as it was in front of people you know.

    My Mistress has done similar, being open dominant in front of a friend of hers and her friends kids.

    A few months ago she humiliated me in front of her parents when I did something she wasn't happy with. She said something like "am I going to have to give you a spanking, or are you going to behave?" Then she gave me a nipple twister right in front of them.

    Thank you for sharing on your blog!

    Best wishes,