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Friday, September 1, 2017

A Goddess birthday

Goddess had a birth day last week. She chose to spend it out of town with her Bull in a hotel room. She arrived the night before and asked the Bull for an impromptu date on the town but he was unable. So she went out on the town on her own. Of course she soon found a target for her lust and connected with a guy she has known in the vanilla world. He knows me and is a shy kind of old fashioned young man from the "vanilla" world. She has pursued him before with no sex happening but she likes his company - he is young and very cute. they met for drinks and went to a few places, staying out until 2. She was able to get some kissing from him but even though he kept inquiring about her hotel he didnt go back with her.

The next morning her Bull visited her room and gave her a couple hours of fucking, which she loved. He texted me that morning and humiliated me.He enjoys this as a warm up. He taunted me about my small cock, my inability to pleasure Goddess and the thick long cock he was about to give her. She loves knowing he does this, it makes her hot as well. She enjoyed having him in her room and spending the morning with him. She found out he has a girlfriend now and is cheating on her to be with Goddess - which makes Goddess very hot! She loves getting a man to cheat. She returned sore and satisfied, something I can never make her.

We had another long talk that weekend about our life, my tiny penis and she dug a little deeper into my psyche. She wanted to hear about how I have dealt with my tiny penis throughout my life. It was humiliating telling her in detail the different reactions of women in my life. How many disappointing women have been in my past. For whatever reason we had never really gone there before. I am by all accounts a handsome, charming man. So imagine the disappointment of a young lady when we begin to have sex for the first time all hot and excited only to find my tiny penis all hard and quivering with excitement, without much ability to provide them with any real pleasure. She enjoyed hearing she was not the only one and seeing my humiliation at recounting the tales. By the end she was very wet and ready to have her pussy rubbed. It ended with some very nice nurturing of me by her and a very strong orgasm for her from my fingers. We held each other and felt very close.

I love her so much, I love who she is. I love her sexy body, her naughty slutty ways. I love that she accepts my tiny penis and loves me for who i am, her sissy.

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