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Friday, August 11, 2017

My Humiliation

According to Webmd ( my penis is borderline micro penis, a medical condition affecting less than 1% of U.S. males. I am at 3.75 inches of stretched penis length, explained in the article. At 3.66 inches or less I would be considered a micro penis. I am .09 inches from being medically termed a micro penis. For reference .09 of an inch is slightly less than the thickness of two pennies stacked on top of each other. I wish I could say my girth makes up for some shortness but it doesn't. At 4 inches of erect girth I am nearly an inch below average there as well.

Despite this fact Goddess still enjoys my penis getting erect at times. Last week she mentioned a few times she would like seeing me erect. I am often not erect, even when aroused my penis tends to like hiding in my panties limp and unexposed. I did get erect a few times during the week. She seemed pleased about this, she even complimented the head of my penis when erect. I was feeling kind of manly and was looking forward to a chance to reclaim my manhood by fucking her. On Saturday morning we laid in bed and played. I got erect and she allowed me to enter her doggy style. It felt amazing, her pussy was so wet and smooth like velvet yet very tight, luckily for me or because of me perhaps. Anyway it felt like heaven. I tried my best to give her a good fuck, thrusting away then pausing trying not to cum.  In that instant I tried to reclaim my place as husband and feel manly, it felt like I would imagine a heroin high, that false sense of reality you slip into as you become enveloped in the sensation and imagine you can fly or are flying. It lasted a few minutes. I then realized Goddess was not enjoying it, came back to reality and my energy drained as I released a smaller than average spurt of cum into her amazing pussy. I had lasted in reality maybe 3 minutes from entering her to cumming - in my defense it had been a week since I was allowed to cum and weeks since I had been inside her. The end result was disappointing for her and humiliating for me in a way that few men could understand. She teased me about it the rest of the day and weekend, enjoying my humiliation. I was crushed and put back in my place - a full blown sissy as she calls it. I went into the week feeling small, awkward around women. I was fine in other ways, being strong and confident in business. Thankfully I am able to be good at business through all this. It is something I excel at and she likes seeing me perform in that way. I embrace the business arena as a place I get to feel on par with other men. I am good at it. Anyway Goddess told me I needed to blog about this past weekends experience. She enjoys me sharing my humiliation, taking my humiliation even further.

Goddess also asked me to find blogs or sites dedicated to women who love small penises. I found two predominant things when I googled - articles about how women can still enjoy/love a man despite his small penis and blogs of women who enjoy dominating men with small penises. There were a few articles I found (or comments of those mentioned in articles) of women who actually prefer small penises - they perform cunnilingus better, kiss better, are easy to deep throat, don't hurt when they "pound" me etc...were typical of these. But no full sites or blogs. There were a few gay men's sites about loving small penises. There are as far as I can tell (shockingly) no sites dedicated to women who love small penis men. There were also quite a few articles about women who dump, make fun of or just avoid like the plague any man with a small penis of course.

On the update side of things, Goddess will be seeing the Bull again soon. She is very much looking forward to it and has a new found appreciation and desire for him. The last visit went very well, he is a kind patient lover who is very skilled and has an amazing cock. The "vanilla" guy is still around, no sex but some playful texting but Goddess has mostly cooled on him. Not sure if she will play with him again or not but he is in her social circle so we will see.

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  1. Hi sissy wife!

    Thank you for sharing yourselves with us. I love that your wife humiliates you like this. I love being humiliated by my Mistress, but she doesn't like to do small penis humiliation because she is worried I would be truly hurt by it. I'm encouraging her, so maybe one day she will get comfortable with it.

    Take care!