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Monday, July 31, 2017

The return of the Bull

So as I wrote last goddess has been chasing a married guy. We call this vanilla play as he isn't part of "the lifestyle" just a normal guy cheating on his wife with her. Well she has as I said developed some feelings for him. But he has become a disappointment. So she was pretty down and hurt by his actions and inability to give her what she needs.

Then she reconnected with her Bull last week. He had never really left, she just hadn't gotten together with him in some time. She visited him and they had a wonderful morning. He texted me on her way up to see him. He was humiliating me in the way he enjoys. I was feeling very small and of course humiliated, he knows just what to say. My little pee pee was shriveled up in my panties as he texted but tingling like it was ready to explode. After she arrived they texted several pictures. Her sucking his big cock, them touching, his cock sliding inside her and his cum shot all over her boobs and tummy. There was a video of this I saw later, as he came she was telling him she wished it was filling her pussy. The pictures made me feel many things. Jealous, humiliated, excited for her, happy for him, excited by his cock and wishing I was there to watch him fuck her.

Later that night we got together and were able to play and discuss it all. She told me about reading the texts he sent me after she got there. She loved the way he humiliated me. She loved being with him again. He is a wonderful lover. He is patient, treats her with respect and gives her the best fuckings she has had maybe ever. He has a very nice thick cock and she loves the way it feels. He was gentle with her because he knew she hadn't had a cock like that in a long time. She was grateful for that. I rubbed my little penis against her leg as we talked and was allowed to cum that way. It felt great in a very humiliating way.

So one other thing she discovered thru all this. She loves the emotion of vanilla play, seducing"regular" guys. She loves the emotion of it. Feeling that "puppy love", getting to know them, hoping they like her, etc.... Like dating. She misses parts of it but it also has its down side. People dont always work out and in these types of relationships it is even harder. But she loves the adrenaline of the build up and especially the chase.

The Bull is less complicated but there isn't the "dating" quality to it. I imagine she will see him more, she really was reminded of why she goes back to him. He is good for her in many ways. But the emotion of the vanilla will I am sure seduce her again and there will be another lover.

I will attempt to post some pictures later. There are some really good ones.

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