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Friday, June 30, 2017

Careful what you wish for.....

So things here had gotten pretty dry again sexually speaking. I had a guy I played a little with which helped but she was dry. Well recently she met someone. A guy in her circle of work friends. She Went after him and seduced him. He is married but she got him. They have played a few times but only fucked once. He has a nice cock, she really likes him sexually. As is the case in vanilla affairs it is complicated but she really likes him. They went out several times as friends before she got him to play. They have lots of passionate kissing when ever they go out but he is cautious so they haven't played a lot. She loves the passion and she is developing feelings for him.

Of course this all is very exciting but also causes a whole lot of angst. Vanilla always makes me more jealous but I know it's what she craves. I miss our bull, I miss sucking him, watching him fuck her. I have thought of him a lot. He texts her still and I think she would like being with him again but not soon enough for me. I want his cock in my mouth again! He is very sexy and manly. Now that I don't have a guy play friend I really wish he was closer and more interested in me pleasuring him. Of course him fucking me would be heaven but I don't think he will go that far.

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