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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

sissy play time

I played with a man a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time in a long time I have played alone with a man. He is new, we have been texting but had not met. Goddess was with me when he came over. She met him and talked. She had me remove my clothes revealing stockings and a thong. I knelt and took his cock out. I sucked him in front of her for a few minutes. She enjoyed watching and gave him a kiss but otherwise just watched. Then she left and I brought him to our bedroom. We played on the bed, he wanted to have me in our marital bed. I sucked him off and he came in my mouth. I swallowed of course like a good sissy. His cock was 7 inches or so, nice not huge. We relaxed then went at it again, kissing and him fingering me. He made me cum, I was not yet back in my cage. He wasnt supposed to but he wanted to so he did. It wasnt a big orgasm more of a ruined leaking one, frustrating for me - which I think he also wanted. I sucked him again and swallowed another load. He left feeling very satiated. Next time he will fuck me but I wasnt ready for it yet.

The cage arrived back after its adjustment. I am in it now for a few days. I miss being able to touch my penis. I love rubbing it in my panties or feeling her rub it or just feeling it rub against her at night. As she often says it is useless in pleasing her but I love being rubbed - very selfish of me. I am working on being a generous sissy, giving of affection and worship, showing goddess the attention she deserves, the cage helps me learn. Godees has told me I can have a spontaneous cum again if I like but it is very hard to do and most times I try i end up with no cum and even more horny and desperate - maybe she knows this which is why she leaves that for me. Or maybe she just loves the thought of me being so desperate that I can cum that way, my poor little penis lacking any real contact just oozing out cum in such a pathetic way. Losing the ability to cum when I want to is very hard for me, it was one thing I enjoyed my whole life since 12. Now I not only gave that up but even the ability to touch my own little penis. Its a sacrifice she demands and so I will be obedient, I love her so much! And oddly or understandably I am happier being her sissy than I have ever been trying to be anything else.

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