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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Her favorite fuck so far

We met him online, the site is in the links section. He seemed like a nice guy and enjoyed some bi play. We had a few experiences prior to the night we met him but none had been completely enjoyable to both of us. Either she or I had only so so enjoyed our previous attempts. We met once for drinks, we like to meet with no expectation once before we play. She liked him and I was very comfortable with him. We met the second time for a drink with a hotel room already rented for the night.We like the neutral, sexy feeling of a hotel room so we prefer that for play. We got warmed up with a drink then headed to the hotel. He showered while we leisurely undressed. When he came out naked she was naked as well on the bed. He went to her and kissed her boobs before going down between her legs. While he ate her out I got on the bed and kissed her while molesting her tits. She was feeling very good. I slid down and began to play with his cock, eventually taking as much as I could in my mouth. He was 8 inches and fairly thick so I couldn't take him all the way down. I loved the feel of it in my hand and in my mouth. She wanted his cock now and told him to put the rubber on and give it to her. He gladly did so and got between her legs. He began pushing it in and she moaned and held him. Her eyes rolled back as he continued filling her. He wasn't the biggest she has had but he was pretty close. He pushed in to his balls and held himself there. She held him and let out a sigh. He began to pump away and she held on. He was good but not as forceful as she likes. She eventually told him to get on his back. She climbed on and began to ride him. She likes riding and she looks really hot from below with her boobs right above you. She laid down on him and i lubed up to get at her ass. She told me to go ahead and I pushed in. This was her first DP and she loved it. Her ass was so hot, I didn't last long and soon filled her ass with my cum. I got off and watched them fuck some more. I stroked as they fucked another 30 minutes before he came. They kissed and played as they fucked, enjoying each others bodies. She enjoyed it thoroughly making a lot of noise and holding him as he fucked her. She looks so sexy when she is enjoying a good fuck, I love it! She even took him up her ass, it was the biggest she has ever had there and she wanted to try it. She was proud of herself and he enjoyed fucking her ass for a while. She has such a sexy ass. She never came, she has never cum during a 3 some, but she definitely enjoyed it. I gave her one more quicky and we dressed and left, we had a kid to pick up. We have not seen him since and he wont be next but we will do him again, if nothing else he will be part of the 4 some she wants to arrange.

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