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Monday, August 1, 2011

step daughter

My wife and I are on vacation at a resort in Mexico. Nice place, very relaxing. I love all the brown young girls at the pool and the asian lady with the huge boobs who smiled at me ever so nicely a few times! And my wife loves the attention she gets from the attendants and husbands. We observed a step dad playing with his step daughter the other in the pool, well one of the pools. We had a chance to hear a conversation between mom, dad and step daughter. Seems mom and daughter were not getting along. Daughter was 16 or so, very nice body - tall tanned girl with perky tits and an ass to match. Pretty face not beautiful but pleasent. Dad was decent build, not a bad looking guy. The girl was really playing up to step dad and in a very sexy bikini. They played closely together wrestling in the water with dad tossing her in the air, not that she went far as she weighed 130 or so. He made a comment to her about having ti grab her "there" in order to get a grip to get her launched. Every time he backed away she drew him back in with the pouty girl looks and smiles we men love. Mom had enough and left with a look of unhappiness. Hubby tells her they will be right up. The girl of course immediately draws him back in and they play again very close together with a lot of holding and touching, the girl seems to be wrapping him around her finger. At one point she hops on the ledge of the pool to retrieve a ball and and crawls on all fours to get it giving dad (and me!) a wonderful shot of her bikin clad ass. She turns with a huge grin to see dad dutifully watching. They continue this play for some time until, I am sure with conflicted feelings dad says he needs to head up to his room.

The wife and I used the images for some fun roleplay sex for several days afterword. My favorite was her telling me her fantasy of the continuation of the story with my cock buried in her ass. I love fucking my wifes ass but never as much as when she is talking dirty to me. We have only seen the daughter one more time (the next day) and no sign of the dad or mom. We have a few more days here so who knows but the voyeuristic fun was great and the sex was even better.

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  1. That sounds really hot. I wonder if anything became of it.