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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A new direction, female led marriage?

I had a talk with the wife the other day. She decided we needed more adventure to our sex life, what she called "challenging fun". We came up with some ideas on trying some different femdom scenarios. I liked the ideas a lot. We then got to the idea of her taking complete control of our sex life, including when I could or could not get off. We decided we would try this for a month. We also said she has free reign to have sex without my permission, attendance, or foreknowledge during that time. She would simply tell me after-wards if she decided to do it. We did agree most sex should take place with me there to watch. I am excited as well as anxious (in the traditional sense of the word) about this. Fear mixed with such deep excitement. Most all the early fantasies I can remember as well as current ones involve me being dominated or serving. Yet I am fearful of losing her. Will she love me the same when I am her servant? I wonder what we will think of all this after the month is over? Will it continue? It will be very interesting to see. She also mentioned she is wanting her domination fantasy fulfilled. She wants to be dominated by a man with a large cock. She may even be willing to do it with someone she isn't that attracted to, she thinks it may even be more fun if she is not very attracted to him. I find that very sexy as well! She has also begun to make fun of the size of my cock when I serve her. That is really turning me on as well. I do really love serving her, she is so very sexy!!


  1. Enjoy your blog. We're not a cuckold couple, but are new to FLR and so far, it's great. If you have submissive desires, you'll probably really like your wife taking control. You might also enjoy chastity...letting your wife lock up your cock aong with her controlling your orgasms.

  2. Roberto,

    First, thank for leaving a comment on my own blog. It led me to discover yours. Your wife's fantasy about being dominated by someone she is not attracted to (with a large cock) is very interesting. I can certainly relate in multiple ways. Good luck!

  3. Locked I have thought about a chastity device, I have not mentioned it to her. She loves touching and playing with my cock so I am not sure she would go for it.I do kind of like the idea though.

    Rich I really enjoy your blog as well. Her fantasy of being dominated is an old one and not one I have ever filled very well despite her wishes. The idea of it being someone she isnt necessarily attracted to is new. It was partly born I think of frustration. She has slept with attractive men but not have been very dominant. Her favorite of them was the one who came closest. I think she would be willing to compromise on looks to get the dom she wants, as she pondered it I think she actually liked the idea of him being unnattractive.

  4. Love all these pics. Particularly #4... the blonde on her knees suckin black cock, and #5... I don't think she'll be forgetting about the fucking she's getting here, anytime soon.
    The picture at the top of your blog... of her holding onto the bed while sitting on his face. Hopefully every couple will get to experience her cum filled pussy, just like this, right after she's been fucked by somebody else. That's exactly where that image is taking me. Beautiful.