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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

humiliation, cum denial, feminization

So the date did not work out, he did not have time. It was a bummer for her, I think she was more disappointed than she let on. I dont blame her. She did end up chatting with him on fbook which I had previously frowned on. But that day she asked if it was OK and like a good cuck I said of course. She showed me there conversation and it was a real turn on. I have no doubt they will get together when he returns in a couple months. The fun part that came out of it is it seems to have given her a renewed desire to find the right fit for her in terms of a Dom type to fill that role. We have a couple possibilities on SV that we are pursuing, though somewhat slowly due to the holidays. The other thing that occurred is that she took control of the profile and responding on SV which I welcomed.

In our personal sex life she has really taken to humiliating me, calling me sissy, telling me my cock is so small she cant feel it in her, telling me I cum to fast to satisfy her, she needs a real man, etc... I have to say I LOVE IT!! Wow what a mind fuck, sends me to a place that is almost unreal. She also has really taken to fucking me with a vibrator, also a huge fan of that. We were out of town right before xmas, just the two of us, It was great to get away with her, we had both been really looking forward to it. At the hotel before we went out for the night she teased me then put the vibe in me and had me sit on it so it went very deep. She then played with my cock til I almost came. Then out with the vibe on on went the panties for the night. We got back and she fucked me hard with the vibe. I thought I might cum from the fucking. She then climbed on me with me on my back the vibe jammed deep in me and rode me, I came almost immediately which of course she humiliated me for. She ended up with a couple of nice orgasms out of it as well. She even had me stop rubbing her once to prolong her near an orgasm, that was new as well. She seems to cum quickly in these scenarios, we both do. She loves to pretend someone is fucking me and have me tell her how much I love his cock. Wow, yes!! I am hoping we get to the feeldoe at some point soon but she loves using the vibe for now so I am not complaining!! We both agree this femdom, sissy cuck sex avenue really satisfies both of us deeply. So far so freaking awesome! I love my Goddess!!