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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

wife date, denial issues

It has been an interesting few days. A few days ago my wife sent me to edge for a while until she was ready for me to serve her pussy for the night. I ended up thinking about her with one of her lovers and had to stop, I was so close to cumming. I knew she still wanted to be with him but had never had the chance to so it a second time and really get to enjoy him. I got the idea while edging to set her up on a date with him, surprise her with it, even have the hotel room waiting and hand her the key. I ended up confessing the thought during play when she asked what I thought of while edging, again I almost came immediately. I got her off and she decided to not let me cum. I tried and tied to sleep but couldn't. I remember she had told me once that if I took her rough like a man she would let me have her anytime. So I climbed on her naked body from the back and forced my little cock into her. She loved it, I came in about 30 seconds. We snuggled and I finally fell asleep. Strange I know but we are not t typical cuckolding couple. Maybe we are just that new to it. She did mention tying my cock up next time so I have to wait. I don't think she has seen a male chastity device yet so it has not come to her mind. I have thought of mentioning it but haven't as I am still mixed on the idea. I am sure at some point I will end up suggesting it but not yet. She has said she also has issues denying me and loves getting me off so it may be good for both of us if we are going to practice cum denial. 

So the date is supposed to be tomorrow night. She is very excited, loved the idea and wants him badly. but turns out it will be his last night in town and he isnt sure he will have time. Timing will either be great or terrible, we will find out tomorrow. I am excited for her and hope it works out. I told her my one wish was that she could come home filled with his cum, but that cant happen for now. She has said she will be OK if it doesn't but I fully expect and will understand her being disappointing if it doesn't. I will pamper her extra good tomorrow night if he doesn't!

We also talked to day about extending this type of relationship beyond this month as we had planned. She wants to keep going indefinitely and I agreed. So far we both really seem to enjoy this relationship dynamic. I really do love my goddess wife!


  1. I would love to know what developments have had that date or any others that you are planning.
    A few pics of her would be great too.
    Will she agree with post them?

    hotwifeshow - posting wild desires

  2. There are pics of her in the "pictures" page. I plan to post soon about what happened, too busy lately, sorry.