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Friday, March 16, 2012


 Well i have to say I didnt see this one coming. Odd for me as I could have predicted just about everything in our sex life til now. She decided the cuckold thing wasnt working fro her. She didnt like me being submissive all the time. Honestly I was feeling neglected by the end due to her not wanting to domme me. I am happy to report I never did have any serious jealousy issues, our biggest worry i think. And she didnt lose respect for me at all.

So now what? Well we are giving her what she wants, I am doming her. We have had lots of fun with it, I love teasing her and she loves it. i may involve some of her old lovers in it, if she is a good girl. I may also get some other women involved, hmm... this could work. Honestly my biggest fear about doming her was my lack of penis size and ability tom last. What I am finding out is the mind fuck, and the liberal use of fingers and toys does just fine. In fact she is loving this and horny as ever. She took a butt plug for the first time and wants to again..soon! I made her lick my ass, which she doesn't like but did a fine job of. I ahve used the crop pretty hard on her ass and she liked it. She also likes me to slap her, though I dont so it hard. Being called a slut just makes her so wet. And I tell her about pimping her out to men in bars or making her give blow jobs in an adult theatre - wow she goes crazy. I fucked her from behind the other night then stopped pulled out and made her lick off her own juices. Tonight I was going to fuck her and make her clean me after I came in her. Thats definitely still on tap for another time. Alas she fell asleep. I could have used her in her sleep, she loves that but decided blogging and some porn sounded nice..back to my old self already I think.

 I miss the ability to be a sissy with all it entailed. But I am enjoying this and my chance to be a sissy will be back some day I think. There is a bbw I met that i think is sexy and like to flirt with, for some reason wifey is feeling jealous - usually she would not, she even encouraged it several times. I do like bbws! And I will be posting the video soon, it runs a little over 10 minutes. Wish I knew how to embed a video from a thumb drive, if anyone can tell me please do. I am a very low tech person..sigh....


  1. It's actually great that you were able to talk about not liking your rolls, and then making decisions together to make you both happy.
    I can see why a woman would not be fulfilled being the dom one. I think it is in a womans nature to enjoy being dominated by our mates. At least it is for me. I want a man to take charge and be the strong one, especially in our sex life.
    And the good part is, that we are always evolving. So, our relationships are fluid and can change with our needs.

  2. Thanks for the comment Ink. I think the difficult part is both being happy. I am not totally happy being dom. Also she likes to assert a dom side occasionally as well. I think the trick is when each are in what mood and deciding what roles to take on. We have made some progress in that area I will write more on later. I do agree most women want a dominant man as well.